Why Hotels Have Flags?

Not every hotel has it, but there are quite a few of these that have flags at the entrance. The flags can be either flags of different nations or it can be just flags with different colors or other imagery / logos on them. If you are wondering why hotels have flags on them, here are some reasons that make sense.

To thank visitors – Flags of different nations can be used as a means to express respect for visitors from those countries. It is a good way for the hotel to express its gratitude for those visitors. Hotels know from which country most of its visitors come from. They accordingly choose which flags to hoist at the entrance. Sometimes, the visitor profile can change based on the season. In such instances, the flags are changed accordingly.

In honor of a visiting dignitary – Often, high ranking officials from other countries utilize hotel services. In this case, the local government may ask the hotel or it may be part of the protocol to put up the national flag of that particular country. This is good way to honor the high ranking guest and their country. The foreign country’s flag is usually put up alongside the national flag of the host country.

To indicate global presence – Many hotel chains have operations in several countries across the globe. Such hotels may choose to display the flags of countries in which they are operational. This sends a favorable message to visitors about the hotel’s reputation and reliability. The experience at a hotel is an integral part of your journey, be it for business or pleasure. By displaying their global presence, hotels assure customers about their world class services and amenities.

Flags of groups, clubs, and communities – In case a hotel is hosting members of a group or community and if they have a flag, it can be displayed at the entrance. It may be a sign for other members coming in that they have come to the right hotel. The group may use the flag as a means to mark their presence.

To attract visitors – Instead of using national flags, some hotels use flags of different colors at the boundary or at the entrance. This has no specific purpose other than to attract visitors. Flags make it easier for people to locate the hotel. This comes especially handy when the hotel may be hosting an event, where a number of new guests are expected.

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