Why You Should Not Always Wear Makeup

Wearing makeup is not something that only modern women do; if you see the ancient statues in temples, there are clear depictions of how dressing up and “shringar” has always been a part and parcel of Indian women’s life! The only difference between us and our compatriot centuries ago is that they used all-natural ingredients while we use synthetic ones. Which is why it is very important that from time to time you go makeup-free. Want to know what happens if you wear makeup all the time? Then read below.

To start with, your skin like your body needs to breathe. And if you cover your face with even a single layer of foundation all the time that is hard to do. Even the cosmetics that are natural are a barrier for your skin to breathe. Hence no matter how tired you are, you need to remove your makeup for at least 12 hours and most importantly before you go to sleep. Your skin repairs itself at night so if you are not removing your makeup, you will be clogging the pores. And that will lead to acne, pimples, and other skin problems. And remember good skin is the best base for any kind of beauty look; so, no matter how high-end your makeup product is, if you don’t have good skin it won’t look good.

The makeup of today has sometimes toxic elements in them. Sadly, the cosmetic industry is not that much regulated as our food industry is which means subpar materials get added to your makeup products. For example, sodium benzoate is often found in makeup which is very bad for your skin. When absorbed by your skin it can cause allergic reactions that can leave permanent marks on your face!

If you find that you are suffering from eye infection now and then, one of the common culprit can be your mascara. The mascara is breeding grounds of germs and never should be shared. In fact, you are supposed to discard your mascara within 6 months of the opening but let’s be frank; very few of us do that. Not only mascara, but a number of eye issues also happen due to eye pencils and eyeshadows. Even serious eye damage to the cornea have been documented due to accidents arising from eye makeup products.

Another issue that prolong use of makeup especially not removing them properly at night is that the natural cell renewal process of your skin, especially facial skin. The result is that dead skin accumulates on your face making it dull and dry. Another side effect of having dry skin is that your skin will show wrinkles and crow’s feet earlier than women of the same age.

Lastly, if you have sensitive skin you need to use makeup with much consideration. Even those with normal skin often have issues with makeups that have parabens, metals, and sulfates in them. These are known allergens and can cause skin issues like dermatitis.

While wearing makeup now and then will make you feel good make sure you have the rule never to go to bed with it. And make sure you give your skin makeup-free days for it to renew itself.

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