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Jaipur. The increase in the addiction of tobacco and other smoking products among the youth and teenagers of Rajasthan is a serious matter of concern for all of us . In the state , more than 65 thousand people die unnecessarily due to diseases caused by consumption of tobacco and other smoking products . On the other hand , with the amount spent in consuming tobacco and other smoking products on a daily basis , nutritious food can be easily consumed .

” We need food not tobacco ” _ _ _

This time , the World Health Organization ‘s theme on ” World No Tobacco Day ” is ” We need food , not tobacco ” .

The way every human being has basic needs like bread , cloth and house to run his life . _ In the same way , instead of choosing tobacco , there is a need to include nutritious food in the basic priority .

You can have nutritious food every day for a month in the expense of tobacco .

According to an estimate , a person who consumes tobacco and smoking products consumes 5 gutkhas daily and a cigarette and bidi smoker consumes the same amount . _ _ _ Whose estimated cost comes to 40 to 50 rupees . With this amount , two meals can be eaten , which is completely nutritious . _ _ _ _ _ _ Especially Indira Rasoi of Rajasthan Government can prove to be a good example of this .

77 thousand die every year in Rajasthan

Dr. Senior Professor of Ear Nose Throat Department of Sawai Man Singh Hospital Jaipur . Pawan Singhal said that according to the Global Adult Tobacco Survey , more than 77 thousand people die every year due to diseases caused by tobacco and other smoking products in the state and 13 . _ It kills 5 lakh people and 80 lakh people worldwide . While more than 300 children in the state and 5500 children across the country start consuming tobacco products every day .

Other diseases with cancer from tobacco _

He told that everyone knows that consumption of such products causes mouth and throat cancer and many other diseases in the body . _ _ _ _ _ But despite this, due to lack of awareness , the user moves towards this .

24.7 percent tobacco users in Rajasthan

Currently 24.7 percent people ( 2 out of 5 male , 1 out of 10 female users ) in Rajasthan consume tobacco products in some form or the other . In which 13.2 percent people consume tobacco in the form of smoking , including 22.0 percent men , 3.7 percent women . Here 14.1 percent people use chewing tobacco products , which includes 22.0 percent men and 5.8 percent women . _

Dr. Singhal said that in order to save the youth from this , there should be an effective curb on the efforts of the tobacco industries to attract them towards their products , continuous awareness of children and youth about the ill effects of tobacco and its sale along with the advertisements of tobacco products . also needs to be stopped .

JJ Act and Kotpa should be implemented effectively

There is a need for effective compliance of the Tobacco Control Act 2003 ( COTPA ) and Section 77 of the Juvenile Justice Act ( JJ Act ) to keep teenagers and youth away from the reach of tobacco in Rajasthan . There is a ban on the open sale of cigarettes , but due to non – compliance , you are getting all these products easily . It is easy for the youth to buy loose cigarettes , so there is a need to make the ban on the sale of loose cigarettes effective .

The number of tobacco users can also be reduced by banning the sale of tobacco and smoking products at public places , near educational institutions , grocery stores , paan shops , etc.

Increasing consumption of tobacco products is harmful for all

The increasing consumption of tobacco products in the state is harmful for all of us . Due to this, where the public has to bear the physical , mental and economic burden , the government also has to bear the economic burden . Therefore , the policy of increasing tax on tobacco should be continued or it should be banned . _ _ Keeping in mind the health of the public , the Rajasthan government placed it in the highest tax category in the country . Due to which the consumption of tobacco decreased in the state .

One out of every five deaths is due to tobacco .

He informed that one out of every five deaths worldwide is due to tobacco and one death every six seconds is due to consumption of tobacco and tobacco products . _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ The World Health Organization estimates that by 2050 , 2-2 billion people will be consuming tobacco or tobacco products .

It is necessary to live a healthy life

A normal person needs 2500 calories per day to live life. In which women need 2000 calories. Only then they can live a healthy life. Memorandum given to the Director General of Police

ENT Doctors of Rajasthan , Sukhum Foundation has expressed serious concern on ” World No Tobacco Day ” . For this, a memorandum was given to the Director General of Police regarding action in Kotpa and JJ Act across the state .

In which it was told that for the prevention of tobacco and other smoking products in Rajasthan , if effective action is taken in Kotpa and JJ Act at all the district and divisional headquarters of the state , tobacco users can be discouraged .

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