16 MARCH 2023 (MUMBAI, IN) — 16 Year Old Rishi Kumar releases his soulful romantic track “Dil Ho Tum” sung by the wonderful “Hansika Pareek” and lyrics by Anurag Mishra today. This is the 3rd song from his 2nd album “Ishq”.

“Dil Ho Tum” is a beautiful and soulful track that captures the essence of reflection, warmth, hopefulness, and emotion. Composed and produced by Rishi Kumar and sung by the incredible Hansika Pareek, the dreamy and ethereal soundscapes take you on a journey through a flowing and sparkling musical landscape, inviting you to lose yourself in its enchanting melody.

The amazing lyrics written by Anurag Mishra, speaks to the heart and soul, evoking feelings of warmth and tenderness. The reflective and emotional lyrics explore the beauty of love and the power of hope. As the song builds to its climax, the soaring vocals and lush instrumentation create a sense of transcendence, lifting you up into a world of pure bliss.

Rishi is a 16 year old music producer & composer, an IFP 2022 – Gold Winner,  composing and producing music across Hindi and Tamil languages. He has released more than 9 original hindi songs till date. While his first album “Zindagi” was all about different aspects of life, the second album focusses on the usage of different types of string instruments in each song with the lyrics expressing views on how Love can be enjoyed as part of one’s life. Rishi’s music is usually unpredictable as he enjoys creating music across multiple genres and explores variety extensively.

While not in school or composing his own songs, he arranges piano instrumental covers of various songs.

Rishi Kumar has collaborated earlier for his first track “Baadalon mein Ghar” from this album with the famous Hindi Indie artist Akansksha Sethi and Anurag Mishra. This track was created by Rishi in collaboration with his school friend Pranav RV This track explored a combination of Pop and Ambient genres with a tinge of Electronic Dance flavour to it. Akanksha Sethi’s songs are a raving success on spotify and are chart busters. The Baadalon mein Ghar lofi flip version has been a raving success on Spotify and has been one of the chart busters for Rishi’s Indie’s songs.

The second song of the album was a track named “Ishq Hai” sung by the amazing Keshav Huria. This was a unique track which cut across Electronic Dance, Pop and Soul genres, and was the first time for Keshav to lend his voice to such a genre. Keshav is an amazing artist and while he has lent some of his skills to Bollywood movies, he is a major artist on Wynk and rapidly growing his profile on Spotify too.”

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