5 Signs Of A Healthy Relationship

Just like everything else, relationships also evolve with time. While we desire for a peaceful and enjoyable time with our partner, life can throw various challenges that can impact our relationship. This is especially true in today’s fast paced and stressful world, where an increasing number of people are experiencing relationship issues. However, there are still couples who manage to overcome their problems and enjoy the perks that come with a healthy relationship. If you are looking for some encouragement and affirmation to your beliefs, here are five signs that will indicate that you are in a healthyrelationship.

You fully trust each other: Trust is one of the primary pillars supporting your relationship. In a healthy relationship, there won’t be any secrets or hidden agenda. You will feel okay to share everything with your partner including the good, bad and the ugly.

You retain your individual identities: Being in a relationship does not mean that you have to lose your individual identity. Even though you folks may be working as a team, you will continue to retain your separate identities. In comparison, couples in anunhealthyrelationship may be forced to follow the choices and preferences of their partner.

You want your partner to reach their true potential: In a healthy relationship, you will want your partner to achieve their full potential. You will always encourage them and support them to help achieve their goals. In comparison, couples in an unhealthyrelationship will probably feel jealous of their partner’s success. There have been many cases where relationships have crumbled due to bruised egos.

You agree to disagree: This might sound like a cliché, but respecting and listening to each other’s thoughts and opinions is vital to a healthy relationship. Discussing and brainstorming things in a positive manner will help build consensus and take better decisions. In unhealthy relationships, people are usually forced to follow the orders of their partner.

You like spending time together:Irrespective of the location, you like cozying up with your partner and share sweet nothings. Be it your home, restaurant, movie theater, the beach, or any other place, you guys love to spend time together.

In the present scenario, you should consider yourself lucky if you are in a healthy relationship. Love, care, support, trust, empathy, encouragement and kindness are things that can help sustain your relationship through the ups and downs. A healthy relationship will also allow you to gain maximum satisfaction and joy from the journey called life.

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