How Long It Takes To Forget Someone?

Just like your fingerprint, iris, DNA, etc., your relationships are also quite unique. There is unlikely to be anyone else who may be witnessing the same story unfold and getting the same experiences as you are.

As every relationship is an entirely new experience, it leaves a significant impact on our life. It is also one of the reasons why getting over a breakup can be so difficult for many people. Relationship experiences are essentially habits that people form, which in turn is difficult to let go off easily.

It makes us wonder how long it actually takes to forget someone? For answers to such questions, here are some important aspects that we need to consider.

What research says

Different research studies have come up with different results, as to how long it takes to forget your ex. In some research studies, the time it takes to forget someone is around 11 weeks. In other studies, time to forget someone was much higher at around 18 months. Such differences clearly indicate that time taken to forget someone will vary based on various conditions. Explained below are some factors that can determine the time needed to forget someone.

Duration of relationship – It is seen that people in long-term relationships usually have a tougher time dealing with a breakup. However, this is not the rule. Even shorter duration relationships can make people completely dependent on their partner.

Age of individual – Young folks have a lot more going on in their lives, which helps them to get over a breakup faster. They can easily enter another relationship, which will make it easier to forget their ex. In comparison, folks in older age groups may take longer to get over a relationship.

Family equations – In case there are children from a relationship, it may become quite difficult to forget your ex. Your children will be a constant reminder of the togetherness you once shared with your partner.

Financial dependance – This is another factor that can increase the time needed to forget someone. Being financially dependent on your partner will further complicate things after a breakup.

Social network – When it comes to managing breakups, things like support from family and friends can play an important role. Just sharing your stories with someone you trust can significantly reduce the pain. It will also help you heal faster. For folks who don’t have anyone to share their experiences, it may take longer to forget someone.

After a breakup, adequate time should be given to come to terms with reality. After a few weeks, it’s important to start taking steps to make new beginnings. Things like going on a vacation, talking to friends, family, getting a new job, starting your own venture, relocating to a new city, etc. can help you get over your ex faster.

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