5 Signs That Your Marriage Is Falling Apart

Marriages start with the promise “till death do us part”, but not every couple is able to keep such promises. It’s an uncertain world we live in and the future of our relationships is also uncertain. Even couples who started with great love and affection for each other may eventually have to face the prospectof losing interest in their relationship and marriage. There are also marriages that are only held together due to societal pressure or due to the parents’ concern about their children.

So, how do you know if your marriage is falling apart? Well, here are some signs that can indicate the current status of your relationship.

The respect is missing: If you no longer respect your partner the way you used to earlier, it’s a sign that you no longer value that person. Similarly, if you feel that your partner does not respect you anymore, it’s a sign that the marriage is in trouble. Respect comes naturally for people we like and love, so it is a must for every healthy relationship.

You feel happier when away from your spouse: In new relationships, couples usually long to meet each other. However, things can change with time, as love and affection may start to wear out and get replaced with everyday chores and responsibilities. If you feel happy when you are away from your spouse, it’s a sign that the relationship has deteriorated and the marriage is falling apart.

Arguments and fights have increased: Fights and arguments can be good for your relationship. However, if they are occurring at an increasing rate and leaving you both with negative feelings, it could spell trouble for your marriage. Agree to disagree, but define limits so that things do not get personal and you don’t end up hurting each other.

Sex is no longer enjoyable: If you no longer enjoy sex with your partner, it’s a warning sign that your marriage is crumbling. A healthy sex life is a prerequisite for every successful relationship. You can try to find the reasons why you or your partner no longer enjoys sex, as you used to do earlier.

You don’t share your feelings: Relationships flourish when both partners trust each other and share their deepest fears and joys with each other. Such sharing is essential to release pent-upemotions and for strengtheningemotional bonds. If such communications are missing from your relationship, it’s a sign that your marriage is in trouble.

When you notice any of these signs, you should work proactively to fix any issues that may be harming your relationship. Even small changes can go a long way in infusing new life into your marriage.You can discuss things with your partner to find a common path for the future that is agreeable to both of you.

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