6 Innovative Ways to Make Your Wedding More Memorable

In terms of cultural diversity, India leads the world. Because weddings in India are celebrated as festivals, the goal of every wedding is to make the bride and groom remember it for the rest of their lives. Many couples aim to have weddings that are as extravagant as that of Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh, Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli, Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas, Katrina Kaif and Vicky Kaushal, among many others. There ought to be something special about every wedding. This idea is one we at keyeventsindia.com truly uphold.

The plethora of traditions, costumes, thoughts, smiles, accommodations, delicacies, and other components that go into a wedding is limitless, much like the list of things that need to be planned. Your heart is racing as you wonder if everything will go as planned now that the big day is getting closer.

Having the best experience while savoring every second is the guiding philosophy of each family. Simply because you have something upscale that you value doesn’t mean everything else has to be pricey or extravagant. Just add a few easy-to-implement, fun touches to make your wedding ceremony stand out from the rest. Moreover, you are not required to be worth a billion dollars in order to put these ideas into effect. In actuality, anybody may do it in a way that is both efficient and affordable. Therefore, here are some fascinating ideas that will surely please your guests and those of you who want to add some fun and Masti to your wedding.

1. Theme Weddings over regular weddings

Theme-based weddings are currently popular. A themed wedding is not only fun, exciting, and convenient for the hosts, guests, and wedding planner, but it is also incredibly flexible. Cocktail receptions and other events with a Bollywood or fairytale theme are becoming more and more common. If your budget permits it, you may also pick decor with Bahubali-inspired elements or whatever you wish for. A theme-based wedding generates a script based on the D-Days in terms of attire, wedding decor, party decorative elements, the wedding place, or catering for all the festivities within your Indian wedding ceremony.

2. Tattoo your guests

Think about making a small fashion statement and inviting a tattoo artist to your party. This will be an enjoyable notion. You might incorporate a lovely activity where you give temporary tattoos to your family and friends, and they preserve the tiny remembrance on their hands for a little period of time. For instance, if the nautical theme of your tattoos is significant, you may decide to use blue and white tablecloths for your reception or table centerpieces like tiny sailboats or green-tinted bottles. If your tattoos have a more modern black-line work-focused design, you may have your wedding invites, programmes, and place cards reflect the style of any fonts or images you have tattooed on your body. Asking your tattoo artist to contribute to your designs and furnishings is something you might want to consider!

3. Make an DJ enquiry window

The DJ request box is Your DJ choice will help you create the atmosphere you want for your event, from the ceremony music through the cocktail hour to the dancing. Plus, have a DJ request box by the DJ booth so that your guests may choose their favourite songs and dance the night away!

4. Fun photo booth

Setting up your photo booth outside, surrounded by some pretty flowers and greenery, will be a lovely idea. Place a sofa in front of the background of foliage if the weather is good, and you can get some breathtaking photos that you will remember forever.

5. Serve snacks in a unique way

Food is without a doubt one of the most important components of your wedding. There is no doubt that everyone sneaks a peek at the wedding menu or pantry to see what will be served—chaat counters, delicious cheesecake, and tonnes of biryani from the popular vendor in town. To serve unusual, unique food, you don’t need to organise an eccentric wedding. Kebab on a skewer, takeout-box spaghetti, mini waffle pieces, golgappas in glasses, and a food truck can serve as inspiration. They will undoubtedly give your wedding a unique edge because they are so incredibly stunning and uncommon.

6. Chalk your love story

With the aid of a photographer, we can record the actual moment, particularly what family members are thinking about the bride and groom. Recording family members’ opinions is a fantastic idea because they are now more open-minded when discussing the bride and groom’s love stories.


By: Mr. Sumit Kohli & Sahil Kohli, Directors of Key Events India by Kohli Tents Pvt. Ltd.

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