The Future Revealed – Global AI Show and Global Blockchain Show Concludes Successfully In Dubai

Enriching industry leaders, participants and various other stakeholders, the inaugural Global AI Show and Global Blockchain Show turned out to be a grand success. Both events were held in Dubai on April 16th and 17th, 2024 at the Grand Hyatt. An afterparty was also held at White Beach – Atlantis, The Palm, Dubai. The Global AI Show and Global Blockchain Show was organized by VAP Group, one of the leading players in Web3 and Blockchain solutions.

The powerhouse event witnessed the presence of leading names in AI and Blockchain technology. It was a great opportunity to share, discuss and collaborate with experts from various enterprises.

Industries in focus

AI and Blockchain have potential to transform various industry segments. Many industries have already started integrating AI and Blockchain to achieve greater efficiency, accuracy, reliability and cost savings. At the Global AI show and Global Blockchain show, industry experts shared their insights into the growing influence of AI and Blockchain in various industries. Healthcare was in focus, especially with game-changing tools such as AI-powered diagnostics. Such tools can significantly improve medical accuracy and consistency.

The finance industry is also benefiting from AI and Blockchain in areas such as credit risk assessment and fraud detection. AI and Blockchain have been instrumental in improving process transparency and streamlining supply chains. The discussions also focused on the role of AI and Blockchain in creating secure and decentralized marketplaces and the significant benefits coming from distributed ledger technology.

Along with discussions, the event also revealed real-world applications and successful case studies of AI and Blockchain. For example, a full demo was provided on how patient outcomes were being improved with the use of AI-based technology. Similarly, another demo showcased how blockchain tech can track shipments in real time. This improves visibility and helps avoid any potential bottlenecks in supply chain and logistics.

An esteemed panel of speakers

The Global AI and Blockchain Shows witnessed the presence of some of the best minds in the industry. It included representatives from leading businesses, startups, investment groups, consulting firms and government agencies. Some of the top entities that participated in the event included Sony, Ola Krutrim, PepsiCo Middle East, YouTube Music + Premium, Amazon Web Services (AWS), First Abu Dhabi Bank, BingX and NASDAQ. Also gracing the event was Sophia, the humanoid robot. Appointed as the official AI and Blockchain ambassador, Sophia’s presence highlights the significant progress made in the field of AI and Blockchain.

Interactive sessions

In addition to lecture sessions, participants also benefitted immensely from live demonstrations and workshops. Some of the interesting demonstrations included an AI-powered instant language translation and a blockchain-based secure and accurate voting system. Such live workshops and demonstrations helped participants get a better idea about the practical applications of AI and blockchain.

Boon for startups

The Global AI Show and Global Blockchain Show were immensely useful for startups. These entities were able to showcase their innovative ideas, thereby creating possibilities for collaborations and investments. Such connections are necessary for optimal growth of AI and Blockchain.

The Global AI Show and Blockchain Show enabled transformative dialogue and showcased cutting-edge developments. It also nurtured collaborative projects. The event highlighted the immense potential of AI and Blockchain. And its capability to revolutionize sectors, streamline operations, and foster a smarter, interconnected global landscape. The insights and partnerships forged during this landmark event will certainly ignite fresh ideas of innovation. It will propel us towards a future driven by the dynamic fusion of AI and Blockchain.

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