8 Benefits of Wearing Compression Socks

Compression socks are those long, stocking-like-looking socks that add compression around various parts of the lower leg. You’ve likely seen them on the elderly and athletes, or others who understand their benefits. But unless you’ve worn them yourself you probably don’t know all of the benefits they have.

It turns out, there are clinically proven benefits from wearing these socks that no one really knows about. Here are 8 benefits of wearing compression socks.

They help with blood circulation

The main purpose of compression socks is to aid in better blood circulation. Just like gravity would dictate, blood flow naturally moves south with gravity. This means that in both instances, being on your feet all day and sitting down all day, your legs are below you and the blood is flowing towards the ground and away from your heart, essentially being held in the lower part of your leg. Compression socks gently squeeze the leg to divert the flow of blood circulation away from certain points and outward towards the rest of the body.

They reduce cramping

When your blood begins to flow to a certain part of your legs that’s when cramping often occurs. Have you ever been told to put your legs up after a long day on your feet, or late at night when a mild unidentified pain starts to kick in? That’s because elevating the legs is a simple way to bring that pooled blood away from your legs and start the flow back to your heart and other parts of the body. But with compression socks, you are able to avoid that feeling before it begins. When you wear these socks they are already working to distribute the blood by increasing the pressure on the tissues. This can lead to less cramping over time.

They help prevent swelling

When the tissues underneath the skin are able to have the proper pressure applied to them, they are better able to absorb the fluid. If you’ve ever heard of a lymphatic drainage massage, which focuses on key pressure points in the lymphatic system to alleviate pain and move the fluids that build up in the body, then you understand what compression socks do. This helps to prevent swelling and the build-up of fluids in the legs.

They give you more energy

When your blood circulation improves and cramping is reduced (whether from staying still for too long or from a rigorous workout) you’ll find that, thanks to compression socks, you have more energy. Comfortable compression in just the right spots can cause a ripple effect of positivity and energy throughout the entire body.

They reduce the appearance of veins

When the blood pools in the veins they become inflamed, and are easier to spot, which makes for a less-than-desirable appearance. Compression socks, as they help to prevent swelling will also reduce the appearance of veins and the potential for blood clotting in the legs.

They’re perfect for long flights

Dependent on your definition of what a long flight is, compression socks have an incredible benefit that will make your travel plans less painful. Since they aid in circulation, they reduce the amount of pain that comes from sitting down for long periods of time. Unlike other lengthy sittings, being on a flight usually means the same position for hours on end without much movement (this isn’t like the office where you can just get up and walk around or go outside for a few minutes).

If you have diabetes, compression socks can be helpful

With compression socks, circulation begins to improve and can be a key component of your daily wear as the swelling begins to go down. Individuals with diabetes often complain of circulation concerns, especially around the feet. This is a result of certain diabetic neuropathy that comes with issues such as numbness, sharp pains, weakness, swelling, and tingling all in the lower legs and feet because of blood vessel damage.

They can be used by everyone

There are certain brands out there that are making compression socks useful and fun to wear. Comrad compression socks offer stylish and easy-to-wear styles that can be worn by everyone. The all-day comfort of these stylish socks will make individuals want to wear them daily, and for as long as they can, which greatly increases the benefits listed above. Plus, they fit perfectly snug under pants or jeans.

Compression socks were once associated only with athletes or the elderly. But as time goes on more and more people are beginning to understand the true benefits that come when you wear them. While there are certain doctor-approved compression socks, with a specific amount of pressure applied, you don’t need a doctor’s order to wear them. And as for cutting off circulation, that’s a non-issue. Compression socks are specifically designed with the blood flow in mind, so circulation is bound to only improve.


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