8 Jobs That Will Be Gone By 2030; Taken Over By AI

The fear of Artificial Intelligence (AI) taking over our jobs is no longer just a delusional anxiety. There are various jobs where AI has already started to replace humans. As AI becomes more powerful with machine learning (ML), there are certain jobs that will be completely replaced by AI. To understand how things might unfold in the next decade, let’s take a look at some jobs that are expected to be replaced by AI by 2030.

Engraver: AI may still be a few years away from learning the art of creating beautiful designs. However, if a design is already provided to AI, it can surely do the job of an engraver.

Farm laborer: With AI-powered machinery and tools, many farm laborers are expected to lose their jobs by 2030.

Travel agent: This work is mostly related to finding the best travel packages and making bookings, all of which can be easily done by AI-powered virtual assistant. As a matter of fact, AI can do this a lot better and faster than humans.

Customer support: Many organizations have already started resolving basic customer queries using AI-powered chat bots. As years pass, AI is expected to take over even more complex tasks related to customer support services.

Waiter: Chefs may still be in demand, but many waiters are expected to lose their jobs by 2030. Taking orders from customers and delivering food to the table are tasks that can be easily done by AI-powered equipment or mobile robots.

Taxi driver: With advancements being made in driverless cars, taxis in cities would soon be driven entirely by AI-powered vehicles. Test projects are already underway at various locations across the globe and the results have been quite satisfactory.

Air traffic controller: This is a data-driven job, which can be done in a much better way and more efficiently by AI-powered systems. Moreover, AI systems won’t get stressed when working for long hours or get anxious when handling tough situations.

Cashier: With contactless credit cards and advanced AI powered systems, cashiers working in retail sector will be a thing of the past in future.

If you feel your job will be affected by AI in the next decade, it would be better to upgrade your skills or seek an entirely new job opportunity. The main thing to note is that any job that requires repetitive stuff is most likely to be replaced by AI. Also, any job that is governed by a countable set of outcomes is expected to be replaced by AI. So, do the math and take action appropriately before it’s too late.

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