A statistical understanding of the future of romance: Indian youths crown dating apps as the savior of their love lives.

Back in the day, people predicted flying cars and whatnot for the future. But did you hear anyone say, “Oh, you know what, dating apps will be the future of romance?”

Not sure about the cars flying any time soon, but dating apps have become the most foolproof way to find love. On this note, QuackQuack, India’s most downloaded dating app catering to 18 million young singles, surveyed young Indians to find out the relevance of dating apps in their lives and if they really believe it to be the future of romance.

When QuackQuack asked people how often they use a dating app, 78% of them revealed it is almost regular. In this fast-moving world, with no time to focus on anything but work at times, dating apps come as a savior. While some found substantial success using them, 65% of people did not have a happy ending. They expressed giving it a try, but it ended in a disaster. They don’t plan on relying on it again.

QuackQuack’s Founder and CEO, Ravi Mittal, commented, “Every year we see a barrage of new daters, and our user data shows more people from both tier 1 and 2 cities are looking for love than just casual flings.”

What women want

54% of women from the tier 1 cities of Delhi and Mumbai told QuackQuack that they would only go on dates with people they met through dating apps. They believe that it is more convenient and private. It is way too difficult to structure your hectic days in a way that you have enough time to meet new people, let alone date them and fall in love.

29% reveal that they go on dates with only people they know via their office, gym, common friends, etc. they trust the conventional process of finding the one.

The lucky and the not-so-lucky ones!

QuackQuack asked people how successful they have been while venturing into the online dating world. 34% of working professionals aged between 25 and 35 revealed that they met their partners through a dating app. They went on to explain that it was not just luck. They were consistent when it came to dating. After some casual dates, they met their perfect matches and ended up being in a relationship with them.

37% of people from top-tier cities indicated that per month they go on one new date or at least a few video calls or multiple chats with new people on dating apps, which might or might not lead to dates. Only 19% successfully go on 2nd and 3rd dates.

The cons

Like every good thing, dating apps come with certain vices, and QuackQuack wanted people to spill those beans. According to the analysis, 28% of people, some students and some working, hailing from tier 1 and 2 cities said that dating apps left them feeling more frustrated with their love lives than hopeful. The constant need to appear more desirable and more captivating made them feel drained.

41% of the users of dating apps, mostly between 21 to 23 years of age, even confessed to lying to try and appear more appealing and likable.

A blessing for introverts

29% of daters over 35 say that dating apps are perfect for introverts. They find it more challenging to go up to someone in person and express their feelings. But sitting behind a screen, they can get to know the person at their own pace and not overthink every move they make.

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