ACC’s ‘Bank Sakhi’ Program Economically Empowers Rural Women in Uttar Pradesh

ACC provides sustainable livelihood to rural women in Self-Help Groups (SHG)
Bank Sakhi offers a platform for rural women to become financially independent and contribute to the development of their communities
The program plays a pivotal role in in bridging the gap between financial institutions and rural communities

Bangalore, 8 November 2023: ACC, the cement and building material company of the diversified Adani Group, has taken a significant step aimed towards empowering rural women through the ‘Bank Sakhi’ program. This initiative is designed to provide a sustainable source of livelihood for women in Self Help Groups (SHGs) in rural Uttar Pradesh.

ACC along with Adani Foundation is of the firm belief that empowering women economically is crucial for the wholesome development of society. One such inspiring story is that of Ms. Wasima, a 37-year-old member of SHG named ‘Malik Shah Baba’, who has always harbored dreams of working in the banking sector. She found an opportunity to realise her dreams through ACC’s bank initiative – the Bank Sakhi program. The program offers has played a pivotal role in expanding financial inclusion in communities. The Bank Sakhi program allows banks to enlist third-party agents to provide banking and financial services on their behalf in remote locations.

This approach leverages innovative technologies like Micro-ATM devices equipped with printers and biometric readers, as well as mobile phones, to facilitate secure transactions. In essence, the model has been instrumental in bringing banking services closer to underserved and remote areas, making financial services more accessible to a wider population.

Upon being selected as a Bank Sakhi, Ms. Wasima now proudly represents the Bank of Baroda in Gauriganj, serving as a trusted face for her village community. She operates as a Banking Correspondence Sakhi (BC Sakhi) from her home, providing banking facilities. Her role as a BC Sakhi has made banking services more accessible to her community, allowing them to perform transactions even after traditional banking hours.

Another testament to the program’s impact is the journey of Rubi, who became a Bank Sakhi for JEEViKA (NRLM) after meeting all the eligibility criteria. She received the training alongside eight other SHG members from JEEViKA. ACC and Adani Foundation has created inclusive opportunities for rural women, enabling them to contribute to the financial well-being of their communities.

ACC in its unique social value added initiatives along with Adani Foundation remains committed to creating sustainable opportunities for women in rural areas, with the ‘Bank Sakhi’ initiative standing as a testament to its dedication to social responsibility and empowerment. It envisions a future where rural women can achieve economic independence and contribute to the growth and development of their communities.

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