Adorrah Jewellery Company Profile

Adorrah Jewellery is a boutique jewellery house specializing in classic & eternal designs. The company was founded in 2014 by Kanupriya Saraf, a graduate of Warwick Business School and a qualified gemologist. The inspiration for Adorrah came from the Latin word ‘Adora’ (meaning ‘to adore’), which has been mandated as the company’s foremost commitment towards its clients. With top level quality control, exquisite designs and high-end customization, Adorrah has achieved a level of expertise wherein each of its creations is truly adored by its clients. A successful enterprise with a niche customer base including NRIs, Adorrah is built upon a breakthrough concept that is radically transforming the styling and fashion paradigms of modern women.

The idea for Adorrah goes beyond the notion of wealth commonly associated with jewellery. It provides something far more tangible, pragmatic and wearable that caters to the lifestyle needs of modern women. In their everyday lives, be it on the personal or professional front, women need to express their confidence and sophistication. This is exactly what Adorrah seeks to fulfill. Furthermore, it seeks to reverse the trend of jewellery being locked up in the safe by providing jewellery that is affordable, lightweight, detachable, and can be worn on various occasions such as festive get-togethers, anniversaries, birthday parties, date nights, weddings, and other types of social events. Adorrah has also become a popular choice for people looking for gift ideas that are memorable and everlasting.

Adorrah brings together the best of many worlds, which makes it extraordinarily unique in its design and workmanship. In all its creations, there’s the precision & delicacy of Chinese craftsman, the immense creativity of Italian artisans, and luxurious, opulent styling of the Middle-East. Every piece of jewellery is designed using American and Italian techniques, a form of artistic endeavor known only to highly skilled and trained jewellers. Adorrah Jewellery is the perfect companion for style-conscious and aspirational women who juggle different roles in their lives and need to look fashionable at all times. It perfectly suits both modern-western and ethnic outfits and can be worn across all generations. It brings the best of the West at the affordability of the East.

Adorrah started operations with an initial seed money provided by Kanupriya’s father. The company is currently looking for investors who can contribute around Rs 1.5 Cr that will help boost operations and increase stock. The business is entirely bootstrapped and growing at a consistent pace with a positive long-term outlook.

Legal Standpoints

  • Adorrah Jewellery is a registered dealer under The Value Added Tax Act 2007 – The Department of Commercial Taxes, Government of Uttar Pradesh –Tax Identification Number (TIN): 09565721261C.
  • Adorrah is trademark pending registration under The Trademarks Act 1999.
  • All gold jewellery sold by Adorrah is Bureau of Indian Standard (BIS) hallmarked.
  • I.A. or I.G.I. Laboratory report is provided on diamond quality grading & other specifications.

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