Ola Cabs ruined my day; my worst travel experience ever

Aggregators such as app-based cab services are supposed to make life easier for commuters, however, in my case, it turned out just the opposite. I would like to share my distressing experience with Ola Cabs so that others can avoid such unscrupulous operators who do not seem to care even a bit about their customers. Here’s what went terribly wrong when I booked a cab using Ola Cabs app.

The Ola Cab driver was drunk and hardly knew the route or the destination – I had booked the Ola Cab to go from Mayur Vihar in Delhi to Raj Nagar in Ghaziabad. When the cab arrived, I asked the driver if he knew the destination, to which, he promptly said ‘yes’ with great confidence. However, I did notbelieve him much since one couldeasily tell by his looks that he was lying. Moreover, I could smell the liquor in his breath. I choose to ignore this since I was in a hurry to reach my destination. When we travelled for some time, the smell of liquor started to overwhelm me and I had to ask the driver to open the windows. You can imagine how bad it was since the temperature outside must have been hovering around 40 degree Celsius.

And, as if the heat was not enough, I later discovered that the Ola Cab driver was not only drunk, but hadtotally missed the route he was supposed to take. When I decided to take control of the situation and checked Google Maps, I found that the driver had driven the cab at least 10 kilometers away from the correct route. It was an extremely bad situation since I was supposed to reach the destination in time. If I had started searching for another cab, it would have taken me even more time. So, I decided to follow Google Maps and instructed the driver to return to the correct route. It’s then I realized that I should have never trusted a drunk driver to take me to my destination in time.

The Ola Cab driver overcharged me – The driver showed no remorse for his irresponsible behavior, as if such things were an everyday occurrence for him. To add to my troubles, when we reached the destination using Google Maps, the driver told me that Ola Cabs billing system was not working due to network issue. He did some calculations manually and arrived at a ballpark figure, which I found was much higher than the standard rates. Since I was in a hurry, I had no other option but to pay the exorbitant charges and get out of the terrible situation. I reached around an hour late, for which, I had to bear the consequences.

Problems galore with Ola Cabs – Later, when I researched about Ola Cabs, I found that such problems are widespread with Ola Cabs. It appears that Ola Cabs’ system has loopholes, which lets in the wrong type of drivers, and eventually results in bad services. I also think that Ola Cabs is not interested in improving its system because that would involve more expenses, which the company is not willing to bear. It seems that Ola Cabs is driven by mere profitability rather than a balanced approach that would adequately provide for customer satisfaction.

After this harrowing experience, I have decided to stay away from Ola Cabs. I would recommend readers also to stay away from Ola Cabs or get ready to face such issues, if ever they plan to use Ola Cabs.

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