Alee Club Miss and Mr. Teen India – A Teens platform that needs no introduction

Alee Club, a name that has given an identity to many teens for past 24 years and has continued with the legacy of success this year too by inspiring the teens of India towards a new perspective and giving them their platform to shine bright with the pageant Alee Club Miss & Mr. Teen India 2022.

Auditions from 16 different cities, rigorous screening and a glorious semi finale event held in Radisson Blu, Delhi attracted many eyes due to both its lavishness and elegance. The Semi Finale was witnessed by many big shots of the glamour world and also judged by some of the top expertise in this field such as no other than Cinestar Varun Badola, Ramp Guru Sambita Bose, Mtv Super Model Swapna Priyadarshini, Celebrity Fashion Designer Harry and Cinestar Deeptesh.

The primary focus of Alee Club Miss & Mr. Teen India is to bring the hidden beauty and talents of India into lime light giving them the entry point to shine bright in this glamour world. Unique Concept, Authentic Norms, Genuine rules and cent percent fair Judgement is the key to the Success of this talent and beauty pageant. It’s not just a beauty pageant platform like any other but it’s a ray of hope for the teens that determines their future.

Ramp Guru Sambita Bose and her team selects, trains and polish every single individual participant just like a craftsman does to a stone to transform it to a masterpiece. She has a midas touch and under her guidance, one is bound to shine like a diamond. The training programs doesn’t limit only to a competition but it’s a self-development program which motivates every participant while building their confidence and finding the deep inside of their true self.

To make the pageant more achievable, Alee Club had uprooted the concept of height discrimination of young teens. The Ramp Guru Sambita Bose herself added “Everybody can play a specific role if they fit well into the character after satisfying all the essential requirements for the role”.

The Magnificient Star Studded Grand Finale Nite of Alee Alee Club Miss & Mr. Teen India 2022 was packed with entertainment, glamour with its peerless skills was held in Luxurious Five Star Seven Seas Hotel, Delhi. The jury panel was composed of stars celebs like Tusshar Kapoor, Sanjay Kapoor, Shahbaaz Khan, Ayub Khan, Pooja Bannerjee, Tanaaz Irani, Ramp guru Sambita Bose, Member of Parliament Sh. Manoj Tiwari and many more. Mtv Super Model and Actor Swapna Priyadarshini and Cinestar Rohit Raghav hosted the event who started their journey from Alee Club and achieved their dreams.

Finally, the night of 24th Alee Club Miss & Mr. Teen India were marked with the following winners:

Alee Club Miss Teen India 2022 – Rifkah Das Gupta from Mumbai

Alee Club Mr Teen India 2022 – Dheeren Pathania from Bengaluru

Alee Club Miss Teen India 1st Runner Up – Nilakshi from Machiwada, Punjab

Alee Club Mr Teen India 1st Runner Up – Abhay Kumar Rajak from Rajsthan

Alee Club Miss Teen India 2nd Runner Up – Annesha Sengupta from Ranchi

Alee Club Mr Teen India 2nd Runner Up – Ishaan Rayou from Delhi

Alee Club being one of the most popular and oldest running contests which achieved a benchmark and has successfully placed its name into the Limca Book National Records, has received immense love, appreciation, popularity and blessings of thousands.

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