Ambuja Cement Equips 29 Anganwadis in Marwar Mundwa region with Essential tools to detect Child Malnutrition

Ambuja Cement Provides Critical Tools to 29 Anganwadis, aiming to identify and address malnutrition in rural areas
Aganwadis workers can now detect malnutrition and track children’s health metrics with the advanced tools

Jaipur, 23 October, 2023: Ambuja Cement, the cement and building material company of the diversified Adani Group, through its CSR arm, has equipped 29 anganwadis in Marwar Mundwa region with essential tools aimed at early detection of malnutrition in rural landscapes where it is a pressing issue.

While malnutrition rates are steadily declining thanks to efforts from central and state governments, the problem remains acute. Malnutrition in early childhood years can lead to long term physical and cognitive setbacks. In many cases, it stems from lack of awareness about nutritional needs during pregnancy and post-birth, often resulting in severe acute malnutrition.

Recognising the need for targeted intervention, critical equipment were provided to 29 Anganwadis to tackle the issue of child malnutrition. These equipment include infantometer, stadiometer, weight machine, manual tap, and center scale to measure the weight, height, and arm size of infants. These pieces of equipment are essential to measuring the stages of malnutrition according to the age of children

After the supply of tools from Ambuja Cement, Anganwadi workers along with visiting doctors can now accurately track children’s health metrics and make informed decisions concerning dietary needs. The impact has been immediate and promising. 87 children identified, are now receiving the requisite care and attention to set them on a path to recovery.

Ambuja Cement remains committed in its dedication in creating a healthier, malnutrition-free future for India’s children.

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