*”As a co-star, Akshara singh is amazing, I already love her so much”- vivek keshari (Actor – Influencer – Anchor)*

As a child , I always wanted to become an actor and in 2011, I gave myself a chance to do so. I would say Being from a small town like Mirzapur in Uttar pradesh, My journey was quite adventours. The only experimental thing was to convince my father to let me travel from one city to another city. I managed to travel from mirzapur to Varanasi to chase my dreams and since than I am going with the flow.

I started getting small roles in regional music videos, Than I did Cameos in hindi movies , characters in Regional movies and Now in this Movie called “Doli” starring “Akshara singh”, I am playing the second lead.

I share a very special bond with Akshara singh, I call her “didi” and I mean it. We started shooting for Doli, 4 years ago. I was a new comer by than and It was Akshara’s birthday and I could not gather the courage to wish her happy birthday. But she came up to me and we both started talking to each other and than lock down happened. We became each other’s family. I am lucky to find her. We vibe so much that we do wordrobe exchange as well at times. As a co-star, Akshara singh is amazing and if she realises you are new in the crew, she will not leave you alone and she will make you feel welcoming.

We recently finished the Dubbing for the movie. I am very happy that the movie will release soon. As this movie has a good story and has been shot really well.

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