Ashish Anil Matai :An Inspiration For Aspiring Superbikers

Ashish Anil Matai a Super-bike Dealer from Mumbai, passionate bike rider with enormous amounts of will power, as a kid he was always been fascinated with the power & look of cruiser super bikes. He began his journey when he was 19 yrs old, by the time he was 22 his love turned to be his profession as being his first crush and he loves to be surrounded by bikes, 24×7 his mind runs on his ultimate affection for Bikes be it day or night all about care for perfect maintaining skills as believes “It’s easy to buy a Super-Bike but art is how you maintain it”, as a start-up when during his plan he got his own bike serviced under his own supervision and sold it using social media on his Instagram profile “Wild Wheels Superbikes” which went boom from which he earned some profit and then he surveyed the market and noted that youngsters today are keen to ride Superbikes of Kawasaki, Triumph, Ducati , BMW, HONDA, Harley Davidson etc..then to invest into these Superbikes he needed some capital amount …he had already earned some by doing some odd jobs and some he borrowed from his father and here he started Buying Selling and Servicing the bikes He always makes sure that all his got his bike’s are serviced under his supervision for quality work and it so happened that people trusted him to core and get back to him as when they need services, he bought and sold same bikes and got it serviced repeatedly, Ashish assures best service for all his clients for him the satisfaction is the happiness on his customers face that makes him feel ecstatic, giving him maximum pleasure and thus began his journey by first taking his riding skills to next level and so to improve he got himself enrolled at Indimotard Adventures for track sessions and completed Level 1 and Level 2 course, he thanks Mr Anand Dharmaraj Mr. Shubhabrata Shumi ‘Shumi’ & Mr. Vignesh Vaidyanathan and now slowly he is getting more knowledge of Ins and Outs of bike and keeping himself abreast with the latest bikes. He maintains all the bikes and pampers them like his own baby family member. He is indeed not less than Bike Enthusiast.

Lastly Ashish Say “Do Not Wait for Long If You Are Passionate for Super-Bike, I Am Just a Call Away to Assist you”…

Ashish Anil Matai is all set to ride the heights as most on demand Super-bike Dealer with Big hit Entertainment

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