Bengaluru GAFX 2024 Elevates Creativity and Commerce: Unveiling the Dynamics of the B2B Forum within a Global Hub of AVGC Innovation

Mumbai/Bengaluru, 22 January 2024: Entering its fourth edition, the Bengaluru GAFX B2B forum stands as a testament to the state’s commitment towards fostering innovation and technology within the Animation, VFX, Gaming, and Comics (AVGC) domain. This pivotal interaction is planned as part of the larger Bengaluru GAFX 2024 – a flagship event of the Indian AVGC industry, supported by the Government of Karnataka. This AVGC B2B forum has emerged, over the years, as a dynamic and successful community event, where creativity seamlessly intertwines with commerce.

The Bengaluru GAFX B2B has evolved into a unique platform, connecting IP owners, developers, content creators, technology specialists, production houses and AVGC studios. Fueled by the mission to promote local and national storytellers, intellectual property (IP), and drive innovation in the AVGC-XR sector, this two-day event serves as a unique marketplace bringing the world to our doorstep and enabling the developers to meet a selection of the global who’s who actively seeking to develop and produce fresh AVGC content. It brings together under one roof, international & national studios, producers, broadcasters, distributors, and investors for captivating pitches in gaming, film, animation, AR/VR, and comics.

Various trade associations from across the country, led by ABAI, have collaborated to propel Bengaluru GAFX 2024, furthering the importance of the GAFX platform environment as a unifying force that encourages cross-border synergy and alliance on a national scale.

The Bengaluru GAFX B2B aims to stand as the IP epicenter, where transformative deals are initiated and concluded. Nestled in Bengaluru, Karnataka, this creative exchange aspires to be the ‘go-to-market’ for local storytellers and IP creators.

The goal is to ensure that locally crafted narratives and co-production opportunities can see life at a faster rate. For buyers, Bengaluru GAFX B2B offers a gateway to explore diverse creative content and engage in cross-border collaborations with skilled creators and studios, across games and animation, enriching the global creative landscape. Co-productions will find the new financing opportunities in India a welcome feature.

Shri Priyank Kharge, Hon’ble Minister for Electronics, Information Technology & Biotechnology and Rural Development & Panchayat Raj, Govt. of Karnataka, expressed his vision as regards this AVGC-B2B, “The Bengaluru GAFX B2B Forum underscores Karnataka’s commitment to accelerating innovation and nurturing local talent in the AVGC-XR sector. As we mark the fourth edition of this event, it exemplifies our dedication to continuing the position of Karnataka as a country’s #1 global hub for creativity and technological advancement in visual arts and sciences. In recognizing the intrinsic link between technology and creativity, the state government envisions Bengaluru GAFX B2B to be the catalyst and enabler to bridge these opportunities. By providing a platform for local talent to showcase their wherewithal on an international stage, we aim to position Karnataka as the leader in IP creation in the Indian AVGC-XR industry.”

“This forum is more than just an event; it reflects our vision for Karnataka—a place where local innovators, developers, and content creators thrive in synergy with their global counterparts,” he added.

Reflecting on the success of previous B2B forums, Shri Biren Ghose, President of ABAI & Country Head, Technicolor India, emphasized the significance of business development through original IP. Describing the B2B Summit as a marketplace event, Ghose outlined the charter of the association by saying, “We have a proven dynamic of facilitating the interaction between the global community of buyers from across sectors and geography and local Indian domestic studios & talent. This platform provides the vital face to face connectivity, spurring Indian creators and studios to greater heights of ideation leading to commissioning, acquiring and co-producing content. Business development through original IP is the key to future value creation and scaling the original content ecosystem.”

In its fourth edition, the Bengaluru GAFX and the B2B Forum continues to shape the future of the AVGC-XR industry, creating a platform that facilitates collaboration, innovation, and the exchange of ideas on a global scale.

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