BrewDog – Company Profile

A multinational brewery company, BrewDog is headquartered in Ellon, Scotland, UK. It also operates numerous pubs and bars across the globe. The company has presence in various countries such as Germany, Netherlands, France, Spain, Australia and USA. Its primary products include ales and lagers. Some of the popular brands include Punk IPA, Hazy Jane, and The Headliners. To ensure people don’t get bored with the same stuff every day, BrewDog also launches limited edition products at regular intervals.

Another thing that has worked great for BrewDog is its active consumer engagement policy. This has paid rich dividends in the highly competitive brewery business. The company had launched a unique program where regular users of BrewDog products were given the opportunity to invest in the company’s shares. This scheme was a huge hit and around 22% of the stake is now held by beer drinking investors. The program was aptly named ‘ Equity for Punks’.


BrewDog’s story began in 2007 when the founders started making their own craft beers. Initial batches were hand filled and sold in local markets. As demand grew, production was increased and streamlined. Within just a year, BrewDog became the largest independent brewery in Scotland. Since then, the company has registered strong growth over the years. It invested in opening pubs and bars and also focused on acquisition of other breweries. In recent years, the company has also forayed into other domains such as hotels, streaming platform and chartered airline.


BrewDog has raised $377 million from 15 rounds of funding. Much of it has come from equity crowdfunding done by beer lovers from across the globe. Private equity investors include TSG Consumer Partners.


BrewDog has focused primarily on acquiring other smaller breweries. It includes companies like The Draft House, Hawkes Ginger Beer and Stone Brewing Berlin.


BrewDog competes with other brewing companies such as Beavertown, Northern Monk, Evil Twin Brewing, Harpoon, Oedipus, Siren Craft Brew, Coors Brewing Company and Miller Brewing Company.

About the founders

BrewDog was founded by James Watt and Martin Dickie in 2007. James currently serves as the CEO of the company. It was his passion for craft beer that motivated him to create something entirely new for millions of beer lovers across the globe. James had studied at The University of Edinburgh, from where he completed his Bachelor of Law.

Co-founder Martin Dickie has progressive experience working in the food and beverages industry. He looks after the functional aspects of the business such as operations management, strategic planning and negotiations. His educational qualifications include Bachelor of Science from Heriot-Watt University.

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