Which Is Cheapest Plane You Can Buy?

For those who love to fly, it’s a dream to have one’s own plane. The only problem is that buying a plane can be a costly affair. But there’s no need to worry, as you can always opt for used planes available in the market. These can deliver the same level of performance as that of a new plane and are much cheaper. To give you a better idea about available options, here’s a quick look at some of the cheapest planes you can buy.

Cessna 170/172 – Even though one is taildragger and the other a tricycle gear plane, both have plenty of features in common. It’s the reason these have been clubbed together. While one is fun to fly, the other is the quintessential jack of all trades. Both planes are popular for their ease of flying and great visibility. You can buy any of these planes for around $27,000.

Beechcraft Skipper – Launched in mid-70’s, Beechcraft Skipper was positioned as a trainer. It was introduced as a rival to Cessna trainer planes produced at that time. Skipper gained popularity for its excellent control dynamics and ease of landing. Another benefit is that the plane has spacious interiors. The only problem with this plane is that it is hard to find in the market. That’s because only around 300 units were produced. Whenever available, it’s usually listed at around $25,000.

Aeronca Champ – This was launched in 1945, although production has been affected as it changed hands from one company to another. Aeronca Champ is preferred for its enhanced visibility during taxiing, ease of landing, simple controls, and fantastic aerial views. The plane has been produced with various engine configurations, ranging from 65 hp to 95 hp. You can buy an Aeronca Champ for around $25,000.

Ercoupe – This plane has gained popularity for its ease of flying and landing. The plane is designed in a way that makes it hard to stall. It entered production in 1930s. Around 5,500 units have been produced till date. Most recent versions of Ercoupe were equipped with 90-hp motor. The plane can fly at around 90 mph, which ensures a pleasant experience and good sightseeing potential. You can buy an Ercoupe for around $18,000.

Cessna 150 – Launched in late 1950s, Cessna 150 was one of the most advanced planes of its times. Around 25k units were produced during its production lifecycle. Cessna 150 is popular with pilots, aviation students and flight instructors owing to its reliability and easy operations. It’s considered a great plane for sightseeing purposes. It can fit in two people and has ample space for some luggage. The plane utilizes the Continental O-200 engine that makes 100 hp and consumes 7 gallons of fuel per hour. Cessna 150 is easy to maintain and spare parts are readily available. You can get a Cessna 150 for as low as $15,000.

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