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10 healthy recipes for Thyroid patients

The Thyroid is becoming a more acute problem day by day and we can say that because studies have revealed that about 27 million people are suffering from this condition at present. Studies also revealed that even having a mild impairment of thyroid gland can result in cerebral impairment. So, Thyroid is a butterfly-shaped, small gland which is situated at ... Read More »


(Serves 5 pax) INGREDIENTS: 1.8 kg Duck (leg) 500 g Duck fat from the same duck 200 g Garlic 10 g Bay leaf 20 g Thyme fresh 20 g Pepper corn(crushed) 40 g Salt 250 g Onion PROCEDURE: Clean the duck legs from the excess fat and reserve the same in a pot. Place the duck legs in a dish, ... Read More »

Recipe: Poached Red Wine Pears and Duck Rillette

(Serves 10 pax) INGREDIENTS: 1.8 kg Pears(10 nos) 2 litres Red wine 400 g Sugar 100 g Orange (zest to taste) 5 g Cinnamon stick 200 g Apple 20 g Mint leaves 500 ml Vanilla ice crem       PROCEDURE: Peel the pears and poach them in red wine, sugar, cinnamon, and lemon zest, until well cooked through. Take ... Read More »

5 Canadian Delicacies you need to try right now

Canada is the second largest country and is influenced by multi-ethnic cultures from all over the world. In such a scenario, defining its food culture can really be tricky. Generally, whenever it comes to the food culture of Canada all we have in mind is –Poutines! As Canada’s cuisine and culture carries hints of immigrants from France and England. However, ... Read More »


    Kougelhopf dough   • 0.250 Kg of T45 flour • 0.006 Kg of fine salt • 0.040 Kg of caster sugar • 0.075 Kg of whole eggs • 0.075 Kg of milk • 0.012 Kg of baker’s yeast • 0.050 Kg of fermented dough • 0.125 Kg of unsalted butter • 0.100 Kg of raisins • 0.020 Kg ... Read More »


Bring in Christmas any time you want with this classic sugary treat. Made with crunchy and tangy Del Monte Cranberries this cake is the perfect dessert. PREPARATION TIME 45 MINUTES COOK TIME 60 MINUTES QUANTITY INGREDIENT 150 gm Del Monte dried cranberries 200 grams Del Monte Pitted Prunes 150 g raisins 1 lemon (juice & zest) 2 tbsp Orange Zest ... Read More »


Make this delicious evening snack Corn Pockets to serve with your favourite cup of tea. Enjoy Del Monte sweet corn cream style filling encased in a buttery pastry layer. Serve warm with Del Monte tomato ketchup. PREPARATION TIME 15 MINUTES COOK TIME 15 MINUTES QUANTITY INGREDIENT 2 cups, flour 3/4 cup, butter, at room temperature 1 tsp roasted cumin 1/4 ... Read More »


Bursting with the scrumptious taste of Del Monte Dried Blueberries, these cupcakes are an all-time favourite. PREPARATION TIME 30 MINUTES COOK TIME 30 MINUTES QUANTITY INGREDIENT 2 cup All Purpose Flour (Maida) 2 TBSP Baking Powder 1 TBSP Lemon Zest 1+1/2 cup Castor Sugar 1 cup Butter 2 Eggs 1 TBSP Fresh Lemon Juice 1/4 cup Milk 1/4 cup Del ... Read More »


ACCOMPANIEMENT Ingredients – 80 Gr of prunes – 80 Gr of chopped almonds – 80 Gr of candied oranges – 80 Gr of blond grapes – 50 Gr of cointreau   Method On a board, using a knife, cut the prunes and candied oranges into cubes. Put everything in a mixing bowland let macerate for 24 hours. DOUGH Ingredients – ... Read More »


Composition – 900 Gr of guanaja mousse – 340 Gr of creamy cocoa grué – 325 Gr of lemon marmalade – 300 Gr of cocoa pâte à choux biscuit – 340 Gr of dacquoise cocoa nibs – 400 Gr of glossy black icing – 200 Gr of chocolate decoration GUANAJAMOUSSE Ingredients – 75 Gr of caster sugar – 75 Gr ... Read More »