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By Aditi Consul, Co-founder, Life and Pursuits Summertime calls for a significant change in your skincare routine. And we are all in to help you with it. Summer season is officially here. Between getting into massive house cleaning, sun drying your linen and rearranging your wardrobe, don’t forget to swap your skincare routine as well. With changing seasons, it is ... Read More »

Types of eggs according to their nutritional value.

The word “eggs” makes us think only about food, bakery, confectionery and hair care. But do you know eggs form a major part of our meal every day? Based on chicken breed here are some of the types of eggs with variations in their nutritional value. Omega 3 eggs To help you get fit they’ve got several benefits to your ... Read More »

Changes in your voice could be a symptom of Laryngeal Cancer

Dr RV Raghunandan, Consultant – Radiation Oncologist, HCG MNR Cancer Centre, Ongole. One of the many unique things that mark our individuality is our voice. Voice defines our identity but when the same starts to sound different, it becomes a matter of concern. What usually starts with a change or hoarseness in voice, can result in laryngeal cancer, a type ... Read More »

Is obesity to be blamed for cancer risk ?

Dr. Naresh Somani, Head of Medical Oncology Department, HCG Cancer Centre, Jaipur Gone are the days when looking chubby defined our status of belonging to a well-fed family. Obesity or being overweight in India, estimated to affect 30% of the country’s population, is now steadily progressing towards being hailed as the leading cause of next health crisis. Blame it on ... Read More »

Abdominal abnormalities in children can be a sign of Wilms Tumour

Dr. Raj Nagarkar, MD & Chief of Surgical Oncology and Robotic Services, HCG Manavata Cancer Centre Nasik. Wilms Tumour, the most common type of kidney cancer among children tend to occur in young children, mostly before the age of five. Also referred to as Nephroblastoma, the tumours develop from the nephroblasts and usually occurs in only one kidney. In rare ... Read More »

A guide to manage and prevent hair fall

Article by Dr. Swathi Shivakumar, Consultant Dermatologist, Aster RV Hospital It is common for some hair to fall out on a daily basis. Every day, people shed up to 100 hairs. When hair falls out to greater extents than normal, it can cause worry. In that case, they should consult with a doctor to determine the best treatment alternatives. After ... Read More »

Top nude yoga studios all around the world

Issues of body shaming and self-acceptance are prevalent among men and women nowadays. Naked yoga is proven as a confidence-boosting activity. It is all about deepening your experience, letting go by stepping away from the daily grind to make a change in your life. The session has something inherently stirring about being naked with others. The aim behind these classes ... Read More »

Regular maintenance can help keep the teeth in good shape

Article by Dr. Anuja Sara Varghese, Consultant – Dental Services, Aster RV Hospital “A genuine smile comes from the heart, but a healthy smile comes from a place free of bacteria and cavities.” In our daily lives, we give immense importance to our body hygiene, our physical appearance and how we present ourselves when we go to our workplace or ... Read More »