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Myths & Facts about Arthritis

Authored by Dr J V Srinivas, Lead Consultant – Orthopedics & Joint Surgery, Aster RV Hospital Arthritis is a condition that results in joint inflammation and pain. There are 2 types of arthritis: Osteoarthritis (OA) and rheumatoid arthritis (RA). When the cartilage that resides between the bones in the joint breaks away, it causes OA which is the most prevalent ... Read More »

Robotic Surgery – Changing the Future of Healthcare

Technology today has completely transformed the healthcare sector. Every day, several lives are improving with the advancement in surgical treatment. The advent of robotic-assisted surgery (RAS) has led to an exciting time as surgeons can now perform complex and new procedures with ease leading to better clinical outcomes for several lives. With further progress in artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning ... Read More »


QUAKER ADDS A NUTRITOUS TOUCH TO RAMZAN CELEBRATIONS Ramzan is a time for reflection, spiritual growth and strengthening bonds with family and friends. For individuals observing the fast during this period, Sehri is a crucial meal consumed before sunrise that provides the necessary nourishment and energy, to keep you going. Quaker recognizes the importance of Sehri and has a special recipe to fill Ramzan celebrations with goodness and ... Read More »

Mesmerising Maharashtra: A Showcase of Maharashtra’s Magical Monsoon Experiences is now Live!

In a bid to showcase Maharashtra’s magical monsoon experiences, Maharashtra Tourism and NDTV have come together to produce a series titled’ Mesmerising Maharashtra’. The series features close to 20 locations ranging from Satara, one of Maharashtra’s lesser-known monsoon destinations to Chikhaldhara, Amravati district’s only hill station to popular monsoon destinations such as Igatpuri, Bhandardara, Lonavala and Matheran. The series highlights ... Read More »

The Role of ECMO in Critical Care

Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) is a life support technique used to support patients with severe respiratory or cardiac failure. The indications for ECMO can vary depending on the patient’s condition, but generally include: Severe respiratory failure: ECMO may be used for patients who are not responding to mechanical ventilation or other treatments for severe respiratory failure, such as acute respiratory ... Read More »

SPF a day keeps several skin problems away!

New Delhi, 2023:Indoors or outdoors, wearing sunscreen is a must! Sunscreens help protect you from harmful UV rays and are crucial to keeping your skin healthy. It is not noticeable at first, but it will pay off long-term. Summer, winter, autumn, or fall, Blossom Kochhar Aroma Magic all-mineral sunscreen range will provide sun protection to you all. Cucumber Sunscreen Lotion ... Read More »

The Temples of Khajuraho – A Journey to India’s Spiritual Heartland

The town of Khajuraho, located in Bundelkhand region in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, is world-renowned for its exquisite temples that are decorated with intricate carvings and sculptures. These temples are not only architectural marvels but also hold great spiritual significance for Hindus. Visiting Khajuraho is a journey into India’s rich cultural and spiritual heritage, offering visitors a ... Read More »

Mandu – Where Enchantment Meets History.

Mandu, also known as the City of Joy, is a mesmerizing destination that transports visitors to a bygone era of grandeur and romance. This ancient city in the heart of Madhya Pradesh is steeped in history, culture, and architectural heritage that has stood the test of time, making it a must-visit destination. Whether you’re a history lover, a nature lover, ... Read More »

Summer edit: 5 ways to wear your casual tshirts

Two things are quite popular about the summer season the intense heat and the cotton t-shirts. These casual t-shirts can be an active part of your daily lifestyle whether it is your work day or family picnic or a date night. You can get the T-shirt for women either in large floral prints, the ones with geometrical designs of solid ... Read More »

10 Craziest Things To Eat Before You Die

World cuisine is quite diverse and it may take years before one even gets to understand the basics. Even if you eat a new dish every day for your entire life, you still won’t be able to try everything the world has to offer. While doing so, you may also come across dishes made out of completely insane ingredients. You ... Read More »