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Humble stethoscope can diagnose heart defects in children with 95% accuracy, finds study

The research, conducted at Amrita Hospital, Kochi, found that stethoscope could avoid unnecessary use of the more expensive investigations like echocardiography and allow for substantial reductions in healthcare costs Mumbai. September 28, 2022: Listening to heart sounds with the traditional stethoscope can distinguish with a high degree of accuracy hearts that are normal from those with defects, a study conducted ... Read More »


Korean Cultural Centre India is going to introduce a special ‘Korean Traditional Wedding ceremony at the two day Korean cultural fest ‘ Rang De Korea’ on (Sat, Sun) 15th – 16th Oct at DLF Avenue Saket, New Delhi. Wedding is always a joyous occasion, filled with happiness, and hope. Korea and India both having the same values put a lot ... Read More »

Gut health and its impact on immunity and ageing

The majority of us are aware of the concept of “gut health” and understand its importance to our overall wellbeing. But what exactly does having a healthy gut mean? Our gut is a home to millions of microorganisms, with about 1000 distinct species, including various types of viruses, bacteria, yeast and other fungal bodies. Some of these microorganisms are harmful ... Read More »

Matter of the Heart: What do the lungs of Covid-19 survivors say about their heart?

Covid-19 survivors often worry about its long-term impact on their lungs. Researchers and doctors now warn that they should be worried about their hearts too. The lungs and the heart are located next to each other. A recent study published in the UK-based journal ‘Circulation’ found that people diagnosed with Covid-19 were 21 times more likely to have a heart ... Read More »

Importance of ceasing the use of tobacco products for prevention of oral cancer

Consumption of tobacco and nicotine products is gradually rising in recent times. This widespread epidemic has cost millions of lives, despite several awareness campaigns by doctors’ time and again, insisting on discontinuing this harmful habit. Consumption of such nicotine-based products in the form of cigarettes, cigars and snuff is perceived as trendy, while the harmful implications of these products go ... Read More »

Timely treatment is important for PCOS: Explains Doctors

PCOS affects reproductive age, lifestyle disorder, and mental health Pune: Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) is a common endocrine, lifestyle disorder in young adult women of the reproductive age group that not only impacts one’s physical and mental well-being but can even lead to infertility and lifelong metabolic disorders. PCOS broadly presents with symptoms such as scanty, irregular periods, weight gain, ... Read More »

How the beverage industry transcended into the online world

Traditionally retail businesses were limited to brick-and-mortar stores and were routed through distributors but with the advent of E Commerce, it has become relatively easier for beverage manufacturers and companies to engage directly with customers and prospects. This change has been largely fueled by the COVID 19 pandemic, where producers recognized the need to ship their produce to consumers through ... Read More »

Childhood Cancers – Right things to know

    Authored by Dr. Stalin Ramprakash, Consultant – Paediatric Haematology, Oncology & BMT, Aster CMI Hospital, Bangalore   There is a ‘Can’ in cancer because you can beat it. Overcoming the disease is just a mindset and every cancer fighter and survivors must remember that the disease cannot cripple love, shatter hope and conquer one’s spirit.   While the ... Read More »

The Art of Writing, Is it a Pair of Shoes or a Hat?

Delving into the current trend of treating good writing skills as an accessory for a PR person, rather than the necessity I think we can all agree that having good communication skills tops the list of “what makes a good PR person”. It makes sense too, when our jobs revolve around establishing positive relationships with several key stakeholders, figuring the ... Read More »

How Ed-Tech Platform AAFT Online is Providing Skills for Fashion Designing Students to Grow in the Industry?

India is the second largest exporter of apparel globally. The global fashion industry is estimated at roughly $3 trillion currently and continues to grow at a steady rate. Every day, 3000 billion textile and apparel companies make their way into the market. Therefore, as a fashion designing student, you must have the skills to thrive in the industry, whether you ... Read More »