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Recipe : Coriander Gimlet

Ingredients: Cold extracted coriander tequila (60 ml) Clarified lime juice (15 ml) Agave syrup (10 ml) For Cold Extracted Coriander Tequila  Blend (12 no’s) coriander leaves with chilled tequila (500 ml) (2 gms) ascorbic acid Recipe: Add all ingredients to a mixing tin Stir and serve in a nick and nora glass Strain using a coffee filter Garnish with a ... Read More »

Recipe : Pineapple Express 

Ingredients:  White rum (60 ml) Tropical syrup (15 ml) Pineapple juice (20 ml) Lime juice (20 ml) Stillabunt (2 drops) For the Tropical Syrup Pineapple juice – (60 ml) Passion Fruit juice –  (60 ml) Mango Puree  –  (60 ml) Sugar – (100 gms) {Mix Well} Nutmeg – Grated {to finish the syrup} Recipe: In a shaker add all ingredients. ... Read More »


A NEW ERA OF FITNESS: A YOUTUBER, FITNESS COACH AND A DREAMER For a variety of reasons, fitness is a crucial element of our overall health, but what exactly is fitness? It does not imply that you can lift extremely large weights or run a marathon, though those who can do so are in excellent shape. Exercise at a group ... Read More »

Tips on Evaluating your Craft Beer

IT’s ALL ABOUT THE STYLE, CRAFT, QUALITY OF YOUR BEER A chilled beer is your best companion whether you are at the beach or wish to relax on a sunny day. With an exquisite variety of drinks, the world of Beer is beyond just bitterness and fizz. Each beer has its own unique taste, and as you take the time ... Read More »

Impact of Brain Tumour on quality of life

Brain tumour occurs when certain genes in the chromosomes of a cell are impaired and do not function properly anymore. These genes typically control the degree to which the cell divides and repairs genes that fix deficiencies of other genes, as well as genes that should cause the cell to self-destruct if the damage is beyond repair. Sometimes, a person ... Read More »

Importance of early screening in cancer care

Cancer is a genetic disease that can occur in almost any part of the body at any given point in your life. The disease occurs at different stages and is most curable in its initial stages. This is primarily why diagnoses of cancers at an early stage is important. It is generally during this period that the tumor is still ... Read More »

Obesity leading to increased risk of developing cancer

Obesity is caused due to unhealthy amount of fat in the body. It leads to various other medical conditions like diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, etc. The prevalence of the condition is now on the rise to the extent of being the leading health crisis that’s reaching epidemic proportions. One can blame the obsession with junk food among the younger generations, sedentary ... Read More »

Sore Eyes and Blurry Vision could be a sign of Eye Cancer

Cancer can originate in any part of the body. The eyes are no exception. Cancers that originate in the eye are less common vis-a-vis many others. It is classified based on the type of cell it begins in. The eye cancer seen most often is the intraocular melanoma. Intraocular melanoma is a rare cancer that forms inside the eye. It causes melanocytes (cells that produce pigment, or color) to grow out ... Read More »