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What Happens If There Are No Nuclear Weapons?

Across the globe, nuclear weapons are considered as the ultimate deterrence. As per the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT), US, UK, Russia, France and China are the five nuclear-weapon states (NWS). NATO countries Belgium, Germany, Italy, Netherlands and Turkey have nuclear weapons sharing agreement. Countries like India, Pakistan and North Korea also have nuclear weapons. Some countries ... Read More »

Who Will Win Russia-Ukraine War?

When Russia invaded Ukraine in February 2022, it was felt that the war will be over within days. That thought had its logic, as Russia had the edge in terms of military might. However, now after almost a year’s time, much of Ukraine remains a free country. Regular funding and supply of weapons by NATO countries has helped Ukraine put ... Read More »

Which Is Best Commando Force In The World?

You may have seen them in movies, documentaries or read about their achievements in articles, blogs, etc. Most countries have an elite commando force that shares multiple responsibilities such as protecting top leaders, special operations, handling emergency situations and tackling terrorists and anti-national agents. Elite commando groups receive special training and have access to advanced weapons and equipment that make ... Read More »

Top 5 Most Deadly Missiles

While outcome of earlier wars was mostly decided through face-to-face combat, things have changed dramatically in 21st century. As of now, it’s the long-range missiles, drones and unmanned combat aerial vehicles that are changing the rules of the game. Countries globally are cutting down on manpower, so that they can focus on new weapon systems that can be operated remotely ... Read More »

Agnipath Armed Forces Recruitment Scheme – Good Or Bad?

Indian government recently unveiled the Agnipath Armed Forces Recruitment Scheme, which seeks to introduce radical changes to the existing recruitment system followed by Indian Army, Navy and Air Force. Since the time it was announced, the scheme has received praise and criticism in equal amounts. A number of protests have taken place in several locations across the country. All these ... Read More »

7 Common Defenses in Pedestrian Accidents

  Pedestrian accidents are a significant public health concern. Legal defenses help determine the liability of the party at fault and help determine the amount of damages awarded. The type of legal defenses you have available will depend on where you live and your accident circumstances. If you’re ever involved in a pedestrian accident with serious injuries or property damage, ... Read More »

Which Is World’s Most Feared Destroyer?

The Navy plays an important role in conflict situations, as has been evident in wars fought over the past centuries. Modern day navy comprises several warships such as aircraft carriers, submarines, frigates, destroyers, corvettes, cruisers and amphibious assault ships. Among these, destroyers play an important role of protecting the naval fleet. These were widely used in World War I and ... Read More »