Which Is Best Commando Force In The World?

You may have seen them in movies, documentaries or read about their achievements in articles, blogs, etc. Most countries have an elite commando force that shares multiple responsibilities such as protecting top leaders, special operations, handling emergency situations and tackling terrorists and anti-national agents. Elite commando groups receive special training and have access to advanced weapons and equipment that make them capable of dominating any situation.

As most countries have their own commando groups, it makes us wonder which one of these are the best. This is tough to answer, as commando to commando combat situations may not be that common. However, we can still get a fair idea based on the missions completed by commando groups and the type of training they receive and technology tools they have. Based on these factors, here’s a look at some of the best commando special forces in the world.

Delta Force (US) – This is a special operations force, part of the United States Army. Primary tasks include special reconnaissance, hostage rescue, direct action and counter terrorism. Delta Force is the primary choice when it comes to handling covert, complex and extremely dangerous missions. Selection rate is under 10%, which is evidence to the extremely tough and grueling tests that candidates have to undergo. Much of the missions completed by Delta Force are highly classified.

Alpha Group (Russia) – Also called Spetsgruppa “A” or Alfa, this group is part of Russia’s special forces, functional within the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB). It was originally created by KGB in 1974. Missions of Alpha Group are highly classified, but it is estimated that these commandoes handle various types of operations. It includes protecting top leadership, covert operations both inside and outside country and special police duties. Alpha Group also acts against hijackers, hostage takers and terrorists.

Shayetet 13 (Israel) – Part of the Israeli Navy, Shayetet 13 handles various types of missions such as intelligence gathering, hostage rescue, sabotage operations, counter-terror ops, and sea-to-land incursions. This unit has been active in almost all major wars where Israel was involved. Shayetet 13 commandoes are considered among the toughest in the world. The commandoes are equipped with advanced weapons such as M4 carbine, M203 grenade launcher, Uzi 9mm Sub-machine gun and SR-25 sniper rifle.

United States Navy SEALs – The primary special operations force in United States, Navy SEALs is a part of Naval Special Warfare Command. Navy SEALs handles a wide variety of special missions in various environments such as urban, jungle, desert, mountainous, maritime, etc. It is tasked with missions like collecting information behind enemy lines, eliminating high-level targets, capturing wanted individual and rescuing kidnapped personnel. Navy SEALs has played in key role in Vietnam War, Operation Desert Storm, War in Afghanistan, etc. Selection rate for Navy SEALs is around 20%.

Special Air Service (UK) – Functional under the British Army, Special Air Service (SAS) came into existence in 1941 as a regiment. It was later changed into corps. Much of the operations of SAS have never been seen in media reports, as the team handles highly classified missions. It is said to be handling missions involving covert reconnaissance, direct action, hostage rescue and counter-terror operations. The selection process for SAS is so grueling that only around 15% make it through the initial physical endurance tests.

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