Agnipath Scheme Vs. US, China, Russia, Israel And France Military Recruitment

With the Agnipath scheme, Government of India seeks to bring about major changes to recruitment of military personnel. While a number of benefits have been pointed out, the Agnipath scheme has witnessed massive protests in certain states. It makes us wonder if India is doing something very different from what is standard practice in other parts of the world. To get a fair idea about Agnipath scheme, here’s a quick look at military recruitment schemes of other powerful countries.

Agnipath scheme Vs. USA military recruitment

USA follows a voluntary system of military recruitment. Just like Agnipath, candidates are enrolled for a period of four years. This is followed by reserve duty period of four years. If needed, the candidates in reserve duty period can be recalled for active duty. Pension is provided for personnel that complete 20 years of military service. Others may be eligible for specific allowances.

Agnipath scheme Vs. China military recruitment

Although China has a policy of compulsory military service, it is not enforced. As such, Chinese military recruitment process is largely voluntary. New recruits in the Army serve three years whereas those joining Navy and Air Force serve for a term of four years. In case of volunteers, the service period is 8 to 12 years.

Agnipath scheme Vs. Russia military recruitment

Russia follows a hybrid model for military recruitment. It has compulsory military training, but alternative service options are available. As per rule, male citizens in the age group of 18 to 27 years are required to undertake one year of service in armed forces. A specific percentage of these candidates are inducted in the armed forces as permanent personnel.

Agnipath scheme Vs. Israel military recruitment

Israel has compulsory military training for both men and women. While male candidates have 32 months of military service, women candidates serve for 24 months. This period can be extended if any candidate volunteers for additional service time. Only around 10 percent of candidates are inducted into the armed forces. Pension is given to personnel who have served at least 12 years in the armed forces.

Agnipath scheme Vs. France military recruitment

France had compulsory military training earlier, but it has been discontinued since 2001. As of now, recruitment to French armed forces is done via a voluntary and contractual basis. Candidate can initially sign-up for a one-year contract, which can be later extended for a period of five years. Pension is given to personnel who have served for more than 19 years.

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