Confessing A Lie – Doing It The Right Way

Relationships are based on trust and lies are one of the easiest ways to destroy that trust. Humans are programmed to lie when faced with difficult situations, but one should avoid making it a habit. Some lies can be innocent and an acceptable component of a healthy relationship. However, things change when you lie to your partner to achieve your own personal goals or selfish interests. Your lies could also be an attempt to control your partner, to project yourself as superior or alter the perception that your partner has about you.

If you have been telling lies that can be damaging for your relationship, it’s recommended that you confess to your partner. This approach will be much better in comparison to your partner finding out the truth on their own. If you believe in your relationship and want to make amends, here’s how you can confess a lie in the right way.

Timing – You should find a joyous occasion to confess to your lie. For example, it could be your birthday, anniversary, etc. Your confessional may ruin the day, but it will secure your future. This is especially true if you have a caring, supportive partner. Don’t confess to your lie when you or your partner is already having a bad day.

Tell the whole story – When confessing to your partner, share all the details. What prompted you to lie, what were you thinking, what were you trying to achieve, etc. This will help clear doubts that your partner may have.

Admit if confronted – In case your partner finds out about your lie before your confession, you should admit it on the spot. Do not try to defend yourself or tell another lie to cover it up. Tell your partner that you were just about to confess yourself.

Take the blame – Make sure you tell your partner that you are entirely responsible for the lie. Don’t blame anything or anyone else for forcing you to lie.

Promise to change – Tell your partner that you feel sorry about lying and are willing to make things better in the future. Tell them that your confession is the first step in the process.

Lying can be habitual, so you might need some practice to control your urge to lie. Also, remember that lies can be damaging to a relationship, but it’s not something that cannot be fixed. With the above tips and suggestions, you can overcome your guilt and win back the trust and love of your partner.

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