Data Streaming Delivers 2-5x ROI for 79% of Indian Businesses, According to New Confluent Report

In the biggest survey of its kind, Confluent finds 71% of India organizations are powering critical systems with data streaming

For 95% of respondents, data streaming ranks as an important or top priority for IT investments

Data streaming drives greater IT and business efficiency in 82% of companies

However, skills gaps and team silos are a challenge for more than 72% of IT leaders

INDIA – Jun 6, 2023 – Data streaming is now the backbone for the most critical areas of a business—from personalized customer experiences to real-time business operations. The Confluent, Inc. (NASDAQ: CFLT) 2023 Data Streaming Report: Moving Up the Maturity Curve dives into data streaming’s rise as a requirement for business success.

Based on a survey of 2,250 IT leaders, including 300 in India, using data streaming from across seven countries and representing midsize to large enterprises across all major industries, the report makes clear that the technology is a must-have for running a more efficient, responsive, and ultimately more competitive business in this digital-first era.

Rubal Sahni, the Area VP and Country Manager for Confluent in India, said, “In today’s dynamic business landscape, the most successful organizations are those that can swiftly convert data into actionable insights. According to our report, data streaming is widely adopted across businesses in India, delivering significant ROIs, and enabling a multitude of use cases that enhance security, agility, and exceed customer expectations. The impact of data streaming is evident and we are excited to continue this momentum in India.”

Key India Findings from the 2023 Data Streaming Report

The report is centered around the Data Streaming Maturity Curve, which maps out organizations’ adoption journey—from pre-production activity happening at Level 1 to data streaming as a strategic enabler for all areas of an enterprise at Level 5. The survey data found that the more a company invests in data streaming, the more benefits and returns they realize. The report also identifies the most common challenges alongside expert advice on how to overcome these hurdles no matter where an organization is on its data streaming journey.

Key findings include:

Data Streaming Drives Business Value and Strong ROI

78% of IT leaders report their organizations are seeing significant or emerging benefits from data streaming when it comes to faster strategic decision making and 79% report improved customer acquisition and retention.

Additionally, 80% of organizations reported a faster product/service time-to-market

Data Streaming Is a Top Priority for IT Investments

95% of respondents say investments in data streaming are important, with 62% citing it as a top strategic priority for IT investments overall.

71% of IT leaders say they are using data streaming to power critical applications—and 61% cite that five or more of their organization’s critical systems are reliant on the technology.

75% of businesses will increase their investment on data streaming as it’s critical to business competitiveness.

Data Streaming’s Biggest Challenges: Silos and Skill Gaps

72% of IT leaders cite that fragmented projects and uncoordinated teams and budgets can be a challenge or a major hurdle to advancing data streaming, and 78% cite lack of relevant skills, expertise, and experience.

95% of respondents say training and recruitment to bolster skills is a high or medium priority as they continue to invest in data streaming over the next 12 months

Suresh Khemka, Head of Engineering, Apna, said, “Our hiring platform is growing rapidly, at a speed monolithic architecture cannot keep up. To meet our

growing demand, we made the move to data streaming. At first, we were apprehensive about the learning curve of new technology and the time it would take to stand it up and manage it. Choosing a managed service helped us overcome these growing pains, and actually increased the efficiency and productivity of our developers. Now we are shipping products two times faster.”

Dive Into the Report

Download the full Data Streaming Report here. Also, check out the blog post from Andrew Sellers, staff technologist for Confluent’s Office of the CTO. He shares his thoughts on the report’s findings and advice for getting started with data streaming.

The report is based on a survey designed by Freeform Dynamics and conducted by Radma Research from February to March 2023. Responses from 2,250 IT leaders were collected across Australia, France, Germany, India, Singapore, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Qualifying respondents are from organizations using data streaming that have more than 500 employees.

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