Do Astronauts Have Sex In Space?

Among the many unknown aspects about space and astronauts, the one question that often pops up in mind is whether astronauts have sex in space. To put it in a better perspective, is sex even possible in space? And can men get an erection in space and woman be aroused in space? To answer such questions, here are some important things to know about whether astronauts have sex in space.

No official confirmation from NASA

Till date, NASA has maintained that no sexual activity has occurred in space. Even astronauts avoid answering such questions. Some sex-focused experiments have been conducted on animals, but none involving humans. However, independent observers opine that sex may already have happened in space.

For example, in 1982, there was a space mission on Soyuz T-7, wherein the two male astronauts were joined by Russian cosmonaut Svetlana Savitskaya. Some experts feel that this space mission was especially meant for a sexual encounter. Another incident involved Mark Lee and Jan Davis, who had secretly married a year before their space mission. When they took off onboard NASA’s Space Shuttle Endeavor in 1992, some experts feel that it was essentially their space honeymoon.

Can men get erection in space?

Answering this question, Ron Garan, an American astronaut had said that all things possible with the human body on earth is possible in space. Other astronauts have provided similar answers to whether men can get erection in space. People usually have doubts, as microgravity affects the circulation of blood. Even though there may be some difficulty, it is possible to get an erection in space.

Can women get aroused in space?

Just like men, women can also experience arousal in space. But there are some physical differences, for example, the lubricating fluid tends to collect at the origin due to microgravity. This is different than earth where the lubricating fluid flows freely.

How sex is different in space?

While sex is possible and may have already occurred in space, one thing is certain that it won’t be as easy as it is on earth. The primary factor is gravity that makes everything so much easier on planet earth including sex. In space, Newton’s third law comes into play, something that makes thrusting a real challenge. With each thrust, one can end up pushing their partner away from themselves.

As a solution, some experts have suggested using Velcro or straps to secure one of the partners to the ground or wall or any other place. All this shows that one really has to be a lot creative to have sex in space.

Another issue is that of reduced libido that astronauts experience initially when they arrive at a space station. Microgravity causes hormonal changes, which in turn impacts sex drive. Circadian rhythms are also impacted, which results in loss of libido.

Considering the fact that longer duration space missions are being planned, it will become essential to formally accept and approve of sex in space. Sex is a great physical and mental therapy that has no equal. If our long duration space missions are to succeed, sex will have to be made normal and acceptable, just as it is on earth.

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