Do Women Like Taller Guys?

There are several factors that can make a man attractive to a woman. In that context, it’s often assumed that women have a natural preference for taller guys. But is that true, or just someone’s imagination. And if the answer is yes, it makes us wonder why women prefer taller guys? For better understanding, here are some key psychological and evolutionary factors that may explain why women prefer taller guys.

Confidence – In most cases, you will notice that taller guys have higher self-esteem and confidence in comparison to others in the same age group. This is turn improves their position in the social setup. Taller people are more likely to succeed in a leadership role, which may further add to their aura and sense of superiority. It gives them the opportunity to be more successful in their career or profession. All these factors can make taller men more attractive to women.

Health – A number of studies have shown that tall men usually have better health in comparison to shorter guys. This is something that women may be genetically programmed to decipher subconsciously. Likings of both men and women are ultimately linked to producing the best possible offspring and height may be an important factor in such subconscious calculations.

Media influence – As we often see in movies, TV serials, newspapers and magazines, the various stars and celebrities are usually tall guys. Models in fashion industry and folks in Army are mostly tall guys. These factors may influence our brain to create a bias in favor of taller men.

Safety – Taller men naturally appear stronger in comparison to shorter men. This again may be an evolutionary factor, wherein women may feel safer with a taller man. The safety factor may be relevant in various aspects such as physical security, social security, emotional security and financial security.

Wealth – Just to give an idea as to how evolution may favor taller guys, more than 55% of CEOs of Fortune 500 companies are taller than 6 feet. This can be used as evidence that taller men have a natural evolutionary advantage. And women with good sense can easily decipher such qualities. Studies have also shown that taller men usually earn more than their shorter counterparts.

While taller guys may have an evolutionary advantage, it’s unlikely that a woman will choose a partner based solely on their height. Various other factors come into the picture such as sense of humor, chemistry, sense of equality and respect, love and care, stability, emotional intelligence, etc. As a tall guy, you need to have various other qualities to win over your girl.

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