Drink – King Yellow, Bumblebee and Love & Happiness

Drink – King Yellow

Gin 60ml

Mango 30ml

Basil 5-6 leaves

Sweet and sour 25ml

Foamer 3-4 drops

Method Shaken

Glassware coupe


*Put all the ingredients in the shaker

*Fill it up with ice and shake it

*Fine strain into a coupe glass and garnish with a mango leather

Drink – Bumblebee

Vodka 30ml

Mango 30ml

Thyme 4-5 sprigs

Sweet and sour 10ml

Sparkling wine top up

Method shaken

Glass champagne tulip


*Chill a tulip glass

*Add vodka, mango, thyme and sweet sour mix in a shaker

*Fine strain into a chilled coupe glass

*Top it up with Sparkling wine and garnish with fresh thyme sprigs

Drink – Love & Happiness

Tequila 40ml

Campari 15ml

Mango 30ml

Cinnamon 4-5 sticks

Method shaken

Glassware rock glass


*Add all ingredients in the shakeer tin and muddle cinnamon sticks into it

*Fill it up with ice and give it a good shake

*fine strain into a rock glass and garnish it with caramalized mango along with a stamped orange peel

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