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The housing sector alone contributes 5-6 per cent to the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP), but there is less or almost negligible investment to provide organized renting services.

Fella Homes wants to Play a significant role to standardize this sector.

Benefits for Tenants

  1. Sense of security : By providing maintenance support, local vendor contacts etc we provide them a sense of security that, they don’t have to worry about any problem while residing at Fella Homes.
  2. Getting more productive: We provide flat for rent near offices or with great connectivity options. Time, being the most precious commodity, we help them save time and concentrate on important aspects of life’s journey.
  3. Luxury made affordable: A flat for rent at a prime location costs way too high but our model has made that affordable.
  4. Comfort: All amenities and fully furnished flats for comfortable stay without investing on furnishing and amenities.
  5. Social Connections: Our platform also makes it possible for people to enjoy a healthy social life by sharing flats with like-minded people.
  6. Last minute Savior: Renting a flat fast has been made easy through this platform. Now, last minute renting is possible.
  7. Online Payment options, app based service requests or ticket raising.
  8. Standard option for anyone from any part of the world. (Just come with your bag and start living)
  9. Brokerage Free, Trustworthy, They get what they pay for.
  10. Fully documented, transaction documentation, rent payment memos

Benefits for Homeowners:

Standard Process: Renting was never a standard process for homeowners, This model will change the established norms.

Reliability: Reliable Property management services with zero brokerage. Trustworthy and verified tenants.

Time Saving: Homeowners either have inherited or invested for the property, there is a lot of time wastage in the whole renting process. This model will help them save most time they had earlier spent on managing property and tenants.

Fully Managed: The model of our business provides full support in terms of property maintenance and tenant management, thus renting is no more stressful.

Better Earning: Our rent structures are standard. The owner don’t have to negotiate, and also has better earning potential.

Cashless / Online transactions- rent is transferred online.

Transparency: Reports and live updates about occupancy, rents etc.

Larger Audience: Web/app based concept with a broad audience, thus there is less wait ideal time for the property.

Worry-free ownership: From rent collection, key management, regular property inspection, property visits etc, everything is taken care of.

For the home:

The property is taken care of and gets the deserved attention.

All maintenance work is done by vetted contractors or individuals.



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