Eva – a dating platform which ensures a match for every user

The dating scene is all set to undergo a radical transformation with the launch of Eva, a revolutionary, new dating platform that ensures a suitable match for every user. If we analyze the past, we can see that most great ideas have been amazingly simple and yet they have had the potential to change the course of history. The same applies to Eva, as it utilizes a fairly simple idea, yet is so effective and useful that it is attracting users like a giant magnet. Eva focuses on resolving complex user issues through simple, innovative solutions that form the core of this pioneering dating platform.

The problem

The common problem with most other dating applications is the low success rate of finding a suitable match. Often, it has been noticed that the girl to boy ratio is heavily skewed, making it difficult to find a suitable date. With these applications, users may have to wait several days or even weeks before they get to find a match.

The Solution – How Eva works

Eva resolves the problem of finding a suitable date by utilizing a simple technique. Let’s take an example, wherein 100 girls and around 200 boys from Delhi have already registered on Eva. At this instance, an automatic channeling program will be activated, which will aim at balancing the girl to boy ratio. What the program will do is that it will keep the registrations open for new girls who want to join, but in case of new boys seeking registration, it will ask them to refer a specific number of users (using the referral link) in order to activate their account. This will create a balanced girl to boy ratio, thereby ensuring a suitable match for every user. This process also weeds out fake and non-serious users, ensuring that only genuine active users get to use this dating platform.

Eva is 100% secure, as registrations are done via Facebook. Your personal information is encrypted and stored on secure servers, thereby ensuring complete privacy and confidentiality of your personal information. Eva utilizes its hi-tech algorithms to find the best match, based on your interests, looks, age, etc. You can then connect with your date via their email.

Possibilities are limitless with Eva – a dating platform that’s light years ahead of its peers.It can be a life changing experience, so why not try it now – http://www.meeteva.com/.

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