Soma Brut Cuvee – A premium sparkling wine from Soma Vineyard

Nestled amidst the breathtaking Sahyadri Ranges, along the beautiful backwaters of Gangapur Dam near Nashik, Soma Vineyard offers some of the best wines for national as well as international audiences. The location of the vineyard in the lap of nature lends an infusion of freshness and unique aromas to the wines made here.

Soma Brut Cuvee

Soma Brut Cuvee is a premium sparkling wine, which is made from 100% Chenin cuvee. It is bottle aged for 1-2 years on lees. Its radiant golden color and the super fine, smooth texture of the bubbles are indicative of its premium quality. The secret of its great taste is the authentic traditional method that is used to make this wine. Soma Brut Cuvee has an amazing aromatic complexity, offering a splash of spicy aromas, the sweet smell of ripe fruit and subtle whiff of roasted apples. A sip of the wine activates an assortment of pleasant flavors that include those of pear, apricot, and yeasty aromas, with lingering notes of fresh walnut.

Serving temperature

4 to 6 degree centigrade

Food pairing

Soma Brut Cuvee premium sparkling wine from Soma Vineyard works as a great aperitif. It also serves as a perfect accompaniment with white meats such as poultry.

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