Getting high at Thai High, Mehrauli

Thai cuisine has caught on with gastronomes across the globe due to its unique flavors and aroma. Back home, in the nation’s capital Delhi, we can see that foodies here too are thronging to Thai restaurants to explore the wonders of Thai cuisine. One such restaurant that’s widely known for its authentic Thai preparations is Thai High in Mehrauli. Apart from the tasty food, Thai High offers one of the coziest, tranquil and romantic spaces, overlooking the grand QutabMinar and the lush green cover in the neighboring area. It’s location on the top floor of Ambawatta Complex provides a spectacular, panoramic view of the city.

Food & Drinks–Thai cuisine will prompt your taste buds to register a wide variety of unique, yet enormously delightful flavors. The basic preparation of most Thai dishes involves the blending of four key seasonings – salty, sweet, sour and spicy. Experienced chefs at Thai High have inherited the secrets of the right proportions as well as timing of adding and blending raw ingredients and seasonings, enabling them to create absolute magic in your mouth. Authentic Thai cuisine also focuses on the use of fresh vegetables and fruits, something that is evident in the exotically versatile curries and exceptionally delicious desserts prepared at Thai High. The restaurant serves a wide variety of appetizers, salads & Soups, main course items, rice & noodles, and desserts. You have plenty to choose from the bar menu as well, which lists a variety of aperitifs, shooters, cocktails, wines & champagne, daiquiris & martinis, margaritas & mojitos, beer &breezers, cognac &liquers, tequila, etc.

Ambience–The interiors are plush and sophisticated and everything glitters in the soft light of an assortment of candles and wall and ceiling lamps. The soothing, amber toned light renders a striking contrast against the night sky and the green plants, providing for an ethereal experience. The vibrant mix of various light rays danceupon the glassware, reflecting a variety of shades and colors that appear to be remarkably mystical. For some, this is a place for the soul whereas for others, this is one of the most romantic places in Delhi for having a memorable lunch or dinner. Thai High has indoor and outdoor terrace seating. During the night, patrons usually prefer the terrace since it offers an amazing view of the QutabMinar and nearby areas. At Thai High, getting high is more about the breathtaking view and great food rather than the spirits that’s served.

Service–The staff is prompt and knowledgeable. They will not pester you unnecessarily and yet ensure that they are always there when you need them. You can ask them about recommendations for food & drinks, if needed.


  • Mon-Sun: 11:00 AMto 11:00 PM


1091/1, Ambawatta Complex,, Kalka Das Marg, Mehrauli, New Delhi, 110030

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