World’s first one-person restaurant: Eat alone, no friends allowed!

Eating alone in a restaurant in today’s society can be a little awkward. No matter how much you enjoy your own company it is not the norm that society feels desirable. But for “Anti-social” people who tend to avoid crowded places and wants to be on their own, Amsterdam has set up, Eenmaal, a pop-up eatery that claims to be the worlds first cater exclusively to solo diners.

  • Eenmaal is just like any other restaurant but the what makes it unique from other restaurants is the fact that you only find tables for one person here. It would be an exciting experience for those who never went dining alone and a golden opportunity for those who love going out on dining alone. The rules of dining have started to change with the set up of Eenmaal.
  • Van Goor says there is a taboo which creates a negative image of being alone. In contemporary urban design, public space is perceived as a place for people to meet and greet instead of spending time alone. She aims to break this taboo and to make it more appealing for people to be alone in public.
  • In association with Van Goor, Vandejong developed the concept of Eenmaal and is singularly responsible for its branding. They say there are two objectives which they wish to achieve. First, they wanted to lure people to the restaurant. Second, to give them food for thought. They wanted to demonstrate that eating in solitude can be a good thing.
  • The opening of this new restaurant in Amsterdam puts an end to socializing and only one person to sit at a table to eat. Since in this society there was no room for being alone in public Eenmaal comes to the rescue of the not-so-social people.
  • Also, the restaurant is a pop-up, there is no set location which makes it even more unique. Cellphones and magazines are a big NO! If you think you’ll survive through the help of cell phones, you need to think again. Eenmaal encourages diners to put away those phones and magazines.
  • Without annoying cellphone conversations and loud chatter, which we often notice at bars and other restaurants, Eenmaal is the ideal place to have a peaceful time.
  • Be quick if you want to check out Eenmaal because it will stay open for only two days. It’s sleek, sparse design projects a lot about Amsterdam where great concepts shape the hyper-temporary or festival like situations.

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