Global trends to make your home sparkle

There are some trends that have been seen all over the world in different parts. Key features of homes in different countries can be incorporated into your house to give it the global appeal that you are looking for. The themed houses are a result of a combination of colours or certain pieces of furniture. Despite the difference in interiors these key features come together and form a home that is different from the rest. Let us take a look at the themes you can incorporate in your own home when you are decorating.

The range of global trends

Every country is best known for the type of houses that are found in humble neighbourhoods. They give the character and whenever you want to achieve the same look there are a few things that you can do. For example, if you are going for a Brazil themed house then you cannot go wrong with hydraulic tiles. The endless possibilities of colours and patterns that you can use in hydraulic tiles are a few of the appealing things about the flooring apart from the fact that it is smooth. You can replicate the same pattern on the walls to add a twist. Normally the same kinds of tiles are used throughout the house to give a sense of continuity and togetherness.

The Canadian touch

Canada is blessed with miles of natural beauty and wilderness which is why most houses emphasize man-made elements. A wall with a pattern of slats or walls with neutral colours that complement the array of textures seen in a cozy Canadian home work well. Since cane has come back in fashion the walls have become a blank canvas on which this furniture can be highlighted. If you are going for a farmhouse theme then you can seamlessly blend in wooden furniture with an eggshell white background. Since country life is a big part of Canada there are many people who prefer the rustic wooden colour and other lighter colours that serve as the contrast against the wooden furniture.

The Colombian charisma

If you are going for a Colombian-themed house be sure to include lots of wicker and rattan furniture. Wicker furniture and cement tile floors have been a tradition in Columbia for the longest time. You can take the liberty to figure out how to incorporate that in your own house. If you are looking for painting services in chennai that can help you make your home more charismatic, this is the right choice.

Croatian luxury

If you want a home that is inspired by Croatian luxury living then you cannot go around the big plush armchairs and cozy lounge sofas. Croatians love bold and deep colours that show their love for living out loud. If you look at any two colour combination for living room that can make your home the equivalent of Croatian luxury it would be blue and ochre. Croatian homes often reflect the exuberant personalities of the homeowner and the same can be done for you. While the walls can be bold the furniture can be neutral coloured or vice versa.

Shades of England

There are enough tv series currently that will give you a glimpse into the old English interior style. To sum it up the shades of England include soft and muted colours that can be incorporated with elements from around the world. For example, a big sized sofa can be a dusty pink or light blue colour. The walls can range from carefully designed murals to tints of various colours. Another thing that makes old English houses complete is the use of ornate furniture pieces and heavy wood.

These global trends will make your house brighter and can be a conversation starter in itself. They bring a little worldly charm to your cozy home.

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