What A Man Wants In A Woman?

While it’s apparent that every man will have their own unique tastes and preferences, there are several common things that men want from their partner. When it comes to a man’s choices related to a woman, there are quite a few assumptions floating around. Not all of these may be true. To better understand how their mind works when choosing a mate, here’s a look at some key things that a man wants in a woman.

Attractiveness – This is one of the first things that a man notices in a woman. For the initial sparks to fly in a relationship, it is imperative that a woman has to be attractive. However, it does not mean that every woman has to be a model of some sort. The perception of attractiveness differs from individual to individual. What you consider as attractive may not apply to anyone.

Build – Physical attributes also matter for a man. Here too, the preferences will vary based on the individual. Attractiveness related to physical features usually work at a subconscious level. For example, some folks may prefer women who are slim whereas others may have a liking for a voluptuous build. Similarly, there can be individual preferences related to things like height, skin color, etc.

Smart / Intelligence – Beyond the physical attractiveness, a man will look for signs of intelligence in a woman. This again is assessed mostly at the subconscious level and not via a logical reasoning test. Intelligence of an individual is revealed in everyday conversations and situations, and it does not require a personal interview.

Sense of humor – To be able to surprise their partner with some wit and humor can be an asset for the relationship. Humor can help diffuse tense situations and lighten the mood. It makes being together a lot more fun and enjoyable.

Independence – A man will want their woman to be independent in all aspects of their life. Be it their friends, hobbies, career, etc., it’s good to have unique choices. It helps keeps the relationship fresh and also boosts learning of both individuals. It also ensures adequate space in a relationship.

Love and care – A man will want their partner to genuinely care for them. It’s not something that should be forced, but needs to come naturally in a relationship. Genuine care for someone can be felt and is not something that can be proved with evidence. It’s the small things that people do for each other that strengthens a relationship.

Irrespective of what a man may want, it is important that women try not to pretend just to please their partner. Women need to be their own self, as any type of pretensions has a short expiry date. It can work initially in a relationship, but is likely to backfire in later stages. By being realistic, including the good and bad associated with an individual, women can play a vital role in developing strong relationships.

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