Hassle-free customer support process at Hitachi Cooling & Heating India

Hitachi Cooling & Heating India has created an outstanding and loyal customer base thanks to its broad and technologically advanced range of air conditioners.

Different Ways to Access Hitachi Cooling & Heating Customer Service Solutions

The company has designed a number of distinct customer service channels that help customers in reporting problems or complaints easily. The various channels for customer service are broadly classified into two types: Automated and Non-Automated.

Automated Channel

As the name suggests, automated response systems allow customers to submit their query or complaint without having to talk to an individual. This means that the risk for human errors is low too.

IVRS (Interactive Voice Response System)

The customer should call the customer service number +91-79-7141-4848.

The customer is required to enter his registered mobile number.

If the system verifies the mobile phone number entered by the customer, the ticket will be raised, and the customer will get intimation about the same through an SMS on that mobile number.

Automated WhatsApp Chat

The WhatsApp service could be ideal for those who prefer to text.

The customer must send a “Hi” message from his/her WhatsApp account to the company’s WhatsApp customer service number, 756788-4848, to activate the WhatsApp Chatbot.

After verifying the mobile number, the user will be given a range of options, including new product registration, complaints, inquiries, etc.

Tickets will be raised according to the option selected.

Customer Care App

The younger generation prefers having all needed services readily available through smartphone apps. The Hitachi India Customer Care app is available free for download from the Android Play Store and the Apple App Store.

A range of beneficial services is available via the app, for example, registering your product, raising concerns or questions, resolving previous complaints, or controlling an AMC for the product.

Live Chat Feature (Website)

The live chat feature is available on the official website, www.hitachiaircon.com/in/.

Click on the message “Need Help? Chat with us!” in the lower right corner of the site to start the chat.

You will have some options in the chat box.

Select the right option and proceed without the need to talk to anyone.

Non-Automated Channel

Certain people, particularly elderly people, might feel that the entire automated process is too overwhelming. For these people, they can opt for the more traditional approach, which requires human intervention.

Contacting Customer Care Executive

While a customer is connected to the IVRS by default when dialing the customer care number, the system will automatically divert the call to a customer care executive if the customer hits any roadblocks.

The person on duty will take over from there and assist the customer to resolve his problems after listening to him.


Hitachi Cooling & Heating India has a dedicated email address for customer care: customercare@jci-hitachi.com. The customer can send an email to this address, explaining his issue. An automatic reply will be sent instantly to the customer acknowledging the mail and providing the request tracking ID.

No matter if you’re a tech-savvy individual who prefers contactless service or a staunch believer who believes in human interactions, you can feel comfortable dealing with Hitachi Cooling & Heating Customer Care through any of the ways discussed herein.

Excellent customer service is the basis of a high-quality product, which is why Hitachi Cooling & Heating, India acknowledges this. It strives to ensure its position as a leader in the market by making improvements to the customer experience.

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