Highest Paying Tech Jobs In USA

Surely a career in technology has emerged as the preferred option for the current generation, as the pay is quite good and there are plenty of opportunities for career growth. But do you know which specific tech jobs are the highest paying? To help you choose the right career path, here’s a list of the highest paying tech jobs in USA.

Information security engineer:You will be responsible to safeguard your organization’s data assets from malicious codes and hacker attacks. You will be required to constantly check for loopholes and fix them promptly. Average yearly pay for information security engineer is around $130,000.

Enterprise architect: You will be among the people who will be responsible for defining the organization’s IT strategy. You will be playing a key role in making plans and defining workflows, which will be used for deployment and maintenance of IT assets such as servers and enterprise software. Average annual salary of an enterprise architect is around $145,000.

Software architect: You will be working with various teams and developers to build software from scratch or upgrade existing software. You will be required to develop the overall plan and also define the strategy for executing the project. Average annual salary of a software architect is around $146,000.

Application architect: You will be managing all the applications that are being used in your organization. You have to upgrade applications and create new ones depending on requirement. Depending on your role and project profile, you may also be involved in development of third party applications. Average yearly salary of an application architect is around $150,000.

Infrastructure architect: You will be managing critical IT assets of the organization such as data centers, servers, cloud computing hubs, etc. You will be among the people responsible for the security of your organization’s underlying IT systems. Average annual salary of an infrastructure architect is around $153,000.

Software engineer manager: You will be managing a big team and will be tasked with developing, testing and implementing software systems for clients. You could also be responsible for software systems meant for internal use within your organization. This is a challenging job, which is why the pay is equally good, averagingaround $164,000 per annum.

It’s true that pay is an important factor in job selection. However, you should avoid focusing solely on the pay, as other things like job satisfaction is also important. As such, choose a job that you like, one that you find interesting.

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