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How To Spot Fake Dollar Notes?

Counterfeit money is a big problem in several countries, even when current generation currency notes have multiple security features. The US dollar faces the biggest threat, as it is accepted in most parts of the world. As per estimates, around $70 million counterfeit US dollars are in circulation. Real numbers could be even higher, as the estimates are based on ... Read More »

What Happens When A Country Becomes Bankrupt?

Just like individuals and corporates, nations can also become bankrupt. It happens when a country does not have money to pay its debts or the interest applicable on its debts. Nations also issue foreign-currency-denominated bonds to international investors in order to get money. In case a country goes bankrupt, it will not be able to repay the value of the ... Read More »

What Is Depreciation? And How Do You Calculate It?

Depreciation lets companies recover an asset’s expense when it got bought. Without depreciation, an establishment’s financial statements might mislead stakeholders and potential investors. What it does is allows companies to reduce their net income and lower the initial tax liabilities. Now, what exactly is deprecation,and how does it get calculated? Allow this post to learn further about depreciation and its ... Read More »

What Happens If Everyone Sells Their Stocks?

Fluctuating share prices are essentially the heartbeat of stock markets. Every day, stocks worth millions are traded, with sellers and buyers trying to book profits or minimize potential losses. While that is normal, sometimes it makes us wonder what happens if everyone sells their stocks. Is that even possible? To answer such questions, here are some things we need to ... Read More »

How To Make Money During Inflation?

Inflation comes and goes and it is generally described as an increase in prices or various goods and services. The purchasing power of money is reduced during inflation, in the sense that the same unit buys fewer goods and services. While inflation can make your monthly budget go haywire, it can also erode the value of your investments. It is ... Read More »

Why Making Money Is So Difficult?

One of the greatest challenges of being an adult is to make enough money to support yourself and your family. You also need funds for buying things you like, for vacations, medical expenses and saving for your retirement. All this adds up to a pretty large amount, which creates a huge mental burden. For most people, making money is a ... Read More »

Plan your Financial Future with a SIP Calculator

If you want to save yourself from the financial catastrophes that adulthood comes with, financial planning is essential. An important part of financial planning is wealth building, wherein investment plays an immense role. This is because your basic salary would most probably be inadequate to meet your savings goals. You would need another source of income; if not that, a ... Read More »

How Much It Costs To Print Currency?

Although the world is moving towards a fully digital ecosystem, currency notes and coins continue to be widely used. It may take several years to completely replace physical currency notes with digital currency. As everything produced on this planet has a cost associated with it, we often wonder how much does it cost to print currency notes. For answers, let’s ... Read More »

An Insight on How to Increase Your Net Worth

When it comes to determining how much debt you have, your net worth is critical. It helps you identify areas of your financial life that need attention early on. Tracking your net worth can be aided with the Prillionaires wealth tracker app allows you to calculate and track your net worth as if you were a billionaire. Even if your ... Read More »

How to spend the perfect time in South Africa?

If you want to spend the perfect evenings of your life, you must consider many locations that would be in the position to share a calm and composed environment with you. There are very few locations that can give this Ambience to the person who wants to relax after every evening. It becomes extremely important to discover the perfect place ... Read More »