How to Ace a Video Interview

Video interviews have emerged as the preferred option, as they help save time, effort and costs associated with conducting face-to-face interviews. With video interviews, organizations can reach out to more candidates across geographies. With increased broadband internet penetration across towns and cities, taking video interviews has become easier for job aspirants. If not already, it’s quite certain that at some point in your career, you will have to take a video interview. Since video interviews can be a bit confusing for first-timers, here are some tips and tricks that will help you make the right impressions.

Choose a plain background: You don’t want your personal belongings to be visible to the interviewer, as it would create a casual atmosphere. So, choose a plain background, preferably a blank wall in your room. Remove any posters, pictures or novelties that may be there. If a part of your desk is visible on the camera, then it also needs to be cleared. If any of your personal belongings is displayed in the background, it will make you look unprofessional.

Ensure adequate lighting: Before the video interview, you should check to see if you are clearly visible in the camera. The lighting should be located somewhere in front of you, so that it makes you clearly visible to the interviewer. Avoid lights on the sides or in the background, as it would create silhouettes, making it difficult for the interviewer to see you clearly.

Chest-up visibility: Adjust your camera in such a way that you are visible from the waist-up or chest-up. This is similar to what interviewers see in a face-to-face interview. With waist-up or chest-up positioning, the interviewer would be able to focus on your facial expressions and hand gestures, which are important factors in evaluation of candidates.

Look at the camera: When the interviewer is speaking, you can briefly look at the screen. However, at most times, and especially when you are speaking, you should look at the camera and not the screen. This may need some practice, as our natural instinct makes us look at the screen. Also, the camera should be at eye level, so that your expressions are captured in the most appropriate manner.

Ensure power and internet backup: If your area has erratic electricity and internet connection, you should ensure that you have power and internet backup for your video interview. If the screen just goes blank at the interviewer’s end, it would create a bad impression. You might lose a good opportunity, as someone else may be chosen for the job.


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