How To Become An Actor?

Working in the entertainment industry can be a wonderful journey. You not only earn good money, but also gain fame and recognition. Initially, your pay could be less. However, you should not forget that top actors are paid millions for a single film, web series or TV shows. Even when you are just starting out, you can expect a 5-figure paycheck. If you have the passion and aptitude but don’t know where to start, here’s how you can become an actor.

Theater program / Acting school – There is no fixed route to becoming an actor. You could be selected based on an audition or via any of your contacts in the entertainment industry. There are also actors who earlier worked as models. However, it’s always better if you could start with college or local theaters. You will also benefit if you can attend an acting school. Here, you can gain in-depth information on what acting is all about and also get the right platform to practice. You will also gain knowledge about related aspects such as cinematography, screenplay, sound & lighting, direction, etc.

Develop a classy portfolio – You should have a professional portfolio that you can show to important people like casting managers, producers and directors. Your portfolio should include both photographs and demo reels. You can work with multiple costumes while developing your portfolio. This will provide decision makers a broader perspective of your acting skills and aptitude.

Build experience and skills – Before you get the big break, continue with smaller assignments that come your way. A career in acting is mostly a lifetime of on-the-job training and learning. There’s always scope to learn something new and improve your skills further. You may have to spend a lot of time in front of the mirror rehearsing your dialogues and expressions. You will have to learn to make fine adjustments to the tone of your voice and practice different accents. The more diverse characters you play, the better will be your acting capabilities.

Expand your network – In the entertainment industry, a lot of work can come your way through contacts. It’s imperative that you hire an agent or manager, who can get you the kind of roles you are looking for. You have to be a lot more active socially, so that decision makers can notice you. It’s a lot of hard work juggling acting and networking, but there’s no easy way out.

Last but not least, start diversifying into other streams such as script writing, cinematography, production, direction, etc. As you increase your knowledge and experience in these domains, it will give mode depth to your acting skills. It will also help expand your network. Another benefit is that you can switch to being a director or producer, as per the evolving demands of your career in entertainment industry.

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