How To Get A Good Rank In SOF IMO Olympiad

  • SOF International Maths Olympiad: A competitive examination

The IMO is a prestigious mathematical olympiad run by the Science Olympiad Foundation or SOF in short. The test is run in two main stages. The first level consists of logical thinking and math questions. The second stage is pure mathematics (although the second stage is not done for the students of grades 1 and 2). Only the top 5 per cent of students qualify to participate in the second level. Here are some simple tips to help you crack the first level of the IMO in order to qualify for level 2. 

  • Understanding the curriculum is of utmost importance

 The first level exam consists of  70% of the syllabus of the previous class. Read through the curriculum to identify resources for studying the various subjects covered by the IMO. You should definitely practice in the previous year’s dissertation of questions of IMO. 

  •  IMO Olympiad sample paper solving for better preparation

SOF IMO Previous Year Question Papers are used to take your preparation to a higher level. Identify study materials and resources: Try to prepare study materials in advance so that you do not end up wasting any precious time that is meant for preparation.. Don’t waste your time searching for books at the last minute just days before the actual examination. 

 These previous year question papers offer comprehensive and highly focused learning materials for IMO Level 1 and other Mathematical Olympiads for all the respective grades. These questions are carefully curated by experts who have carefully studied a sample of the expected type and difficulty level of questions.  The solutions to these IMO sample-based sample papers help to assist in preparation so that the students do not get stuck and hence do not get demotivated if they come across a rather difficult question which they are unable to solve. 

  • Understand the questions and their difficulty level

 IMO level questions are based on conceptual applications. Remember that, unlike other Olympics, the SOF Olympics are pretty tough. The questions asked are not based on simple knowledge of the concept, but they do require an understanding of the logical application of the concept. This is the difference between the SOF Olympiad and other olympiads. In addition to understanding the concept, you need to learn how to use it. The questions in the Achievement Section are based on a high degree of application of the concept. Many Mathematical Olympiad samples are based on accurate patterns from the previous year’s IMO Questionnaire for Level 1.

  • Understand the concepts well

 Understanding concepts and patterns, with unique “enhancement of learning assessment” methods and quality concepts. You need to practice various types of questions. Application-based questions and detailed explanations will help you understand the concept, strengthen the concept in your head, understand the advanced application of the concept … and all of these are improvement plans, adaptive testing. , And concept application-based questions. When everyone else is working hard, you can learn wisely with a smart study by studying with dedication and solving many sample question papers. 

 Remember that the questions asked at the first level are from the curriculum, not from the high school topic. However, the questions asked can be very difficult. The question is not directly based on the concept, but it requires a high degree of application of the concept. Many websites mislead students by asking questions about topics that target high school grades. Remember that you need to master the concept and its advanced applications and adhere to the curriculum strictly. Otherwise, you will waste important time. 

  •  Start preparing at the right time

Most students who want to reach IMO Level 2 start preparing for the exam early. 

 Students must start studying early for creating, enhancing and understanding the application of concepts. This is a must-follow step for students striving for an international top position. Teams of experts create packages with an understanding of the latest IMO Questionnaire samples and the previous year’s IMO forms. It’s no wonder that the majority of students who practised these sample papers were able to crack the first level of  IMO without any problems. The IMO Olympiad sample paper makes it easy to decipher the Mathematical Olympiad. 

  • Take real-time tests regularly

 Mathematics is a real-world preparation that allows you to experience time and difficulty. The actual IMO questionnaire is very tedious and requires a lot of practice to fill out the form in a given amount of time. Solving math questions online is not of great benefit to anyone. Handling hard copies should be practised. Download sample paper and thematic tests containing OMR response sheets from the official website of SOF in the paper form set the alarm clock and jump to the test. 

 Attempt these mock tests from sites that provide downloadable tests. Mathematics should always be practised with hardcopy, not softcopy. If you have problems printing the test, you can take the test online. 

  •  Planning and Execution of a proper schedule with discipline

Prepare a strict and meticulous schedule. Please follow it strictly with utmost commitment. Practice all kinds of questions from all the chapters and sections. Address your weaknesses so as to get good marks and rank in the actual exam. If you don’t want to overwhelm yourself, start preparing in advance because things always tend to become chaotic if students start preparing at the last minute.

  •  Ongoing initiatives must be followed consistently until the exam day

 Success at SOF IMO is not a result of a day or two of studying. It takes a huge amount of effort and patience. Don’t give up, even if you don’t see success in the first place. Keep pushing yourself. The results will be displayed automatically.

  •  Be regular to practice maths questions

 Mathematics should be practised on a daily basis. Only if you practice hard and cover every aspect of the subject will you understand the concepts of the subject. It gives you confidence and the ability to solve any problem. The students have to solve as many International Mathematical Olympiad questions that cover all IMO Level 1 topics to deepen the efficiency and understanding of the concept.

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