How To Kill Boredom In Relationship?

Most relationships follow a usual pattern. It starts from intense emotions and excitement after which things tend to become mundane and practical. Does that mean the end of the relationship? Not at all, because peace and tranquility of a long-term relationship may be quite invaluable. However, boredom is something entirely different and it can prove disastrous for relationships. You can identify boredom when you lose interest in your partner, don’t spend time together, there’s no fun in the relationship and you have negative thoughts about the future.

So how do you beat boredom in a relationship? Is it an inevitable development that everyone has to go through? Well, in some measures, all relationships may go through phases of boredom. But it becomes a problem only if it persists over longer durations. One key reason is partners not doing enough to eliminate boredom in their relationship. If you are experiencing something similar, here’s how you can deal with boredom in your relationship.

Keep evolving – It is important that partners keep evolving across emotional, spiritual and material plains. The nature of the universe is to evolve and it applies to relationships as well. If the evolution is stunted due to any reason, it can lead to frustration and anger. Eventually it can create boredom in a relationship. Partners should ensure that they continue to grow personally and professionally. They can help and support each other in their respective evolution.

Have kids – The little ones are a bundle of joy who will never let you feel bored. Moreover, tending to their needs and planning their future are things that will keep you busy day after day. If you don’t have kids and are experiencing boredom, its time you start working on it. You can choose to adopt kids, which will also help the society.

Loosen the purse strings – Money may or may not buy you happiness. But it can certainly help kill boredom in a relationship. So, don’t act stingy all the time. You may be saving for the future, but you cannot ignore the present. You can’t save the future without saving the present. You can spend money on activities that you both like. For example, you can go on vacation, camping, hiking, or any of your favorite activities. Such things will cost you money, but it could provide a new spark to your relationship.

Wipe the slate clean – This is where partners decide to treat each other as complete strangers. They forget all the good and bad of the past and treat each other as if they have just met. This can create new experiences, which can help eliminate boredom.

Last but not least, partners should ensure that they have a healthy sex life. Lack of enjoyable sex is a key reason for boredom in relationships. There are plenty of resources on the net that will tell you how to boost your sex life. If you are not too sure, you can also talk to a sexologist. Follow the above steps and hopefully your bored relationship will become bouncy and fizzy once again.

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