How To Recover Deleted Text Message?

Even when the “Are you sure you want to delete this conversation?” warning is displayed on the screen, we still sometimes end up deleting important text messages. It could happen by mistake or some other person or child can accidently delete your important text messages. If the message was really important, we try our best to recover it. However, as you may have experienced, there’s no direct way to recover deleted text messages on Android. The system is designed as such to protect your privacy.

But you need not lose all hopes, as there are other ways that you can try to recover your deleted text message. Here are some approaches you can try to recover deleted text messages on Android.

Request your carrier – Most telecom carriers store data like text messages even though you may have deleted it on your device. In rare cases, your carrier may agree to recover the message for you. However, this route will most likely need the support of police or court of law. It’s not every day that you can call up your carrier and ask them to recover your deleted text message.

Data recovery software and apps – Deleted data is not really deleted unless its overwritten. You may be already aware of this. Data recovery software especially designed to recover deleted text messages can help you.

There are also apps that you can install on your phone to recover deleted text messages. These apps work by storing your text messages via notifications. The messages are then stored securely. In case you deleted a message, you can recover it from the app. These apps work as prevention, which means that they need to be preinstalled on your phone to be able to recover your deleted text message.

Check your backup – As soon as you realize you have deleted an important text message, you need to immediately disconnect from internet. It is possible that your text message may have been backed-up automatically based on backup settings that you have chosen. After disconnecting from internet and saving your other important data via data cable or Bluetooth, you need to reset your device. Next, when you start your phone again, you can restore the backed-up text message data. If you are lucky, you can recover your deleted text message.

To avoid such issues in future, it is apparent that you need to back-up your phone data regularly. Apart from Google Drive, you can also use third-party back-up apps that provide a lot more customization options. Recovering deleted text message on Android can be challenging, but it’s not something that impossible.

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