ICPA’s Latest Clinical Series Explores Easy-To-Use Digital Tools For Simplified Smile Design Workflows

Mumbai, Sept 08: India’s leading Pharma Company in the oral healthcare segment – ICPA Health Products Ltd (ICPA) hosted its latest Clinical Series episode featuring Dr Sanyogita Kshar, Digital Smile Designer on ‘Easy-to-use digital tools for simplified smile design workflows’. The 28th episode of the series introduced digital tools that are easy to use to create simple workflows for smile designing. The session offered participants a simplified approach to tackling smile design challenges often considered complex. Dr Kshar also educated participating dentists on the need for establishing efficient three-way communication amongst patients, dentists and laboratories. The episode highlighted the utility of Digital Smile Designing (DSD) as a self-analysis tool for improving work and planning for the future.

Dr Sanyogita Kshar informed participants about the importance of creating a well-structured smile designing workflow which incorporates three essential components – Planning, Mock-up or Wax-up and Test-drive. The planning phase can be efficiently accomplished using Digital Smile Design (DSD) tools on PowerPoint or Keynote, utilizing readily available templates on computer or it can be outsourced for added convenience.

Subsequently, the Wax-up stage, a pivotal aspect of the process, can be executed either manually or digitally, with the latter offering the advantage of a swifter turnaround time. The test-drive, characterized by capturing photos and videos of the envisioned smile transformation, emerges as a potent motivator in the process. It significantly enhances the likelihood of patient and family acceptance of the proposed treatment plan.

Finally, the ultimate key to success lies in the execution of the treatment plan, ensuring that the delivered results precisely match what was demonstrated and approved during the test drive phase.

For the benefit of dentists who may have missed out, the session is available across ICPA’s various social media platforms, including YouTube, Facebook and LinkedIn.

‘ICPA Clinical Series’ is an initiative to address specific clinical challenges dentists face in their everyday practice. Themed ‘Each Episode – One Clinical Challenge’, the series is moderated by ICPA’s Head of Research & Innovations – Dr Rajeev Chitguppi. Each session in the series has a guest speaker chosen from specialists from various domains of dentistry.

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